This is a disgrace...

<p>ACT should feel ashamed because we're already paying 8$ to see them... college board had their problem last month, you'd think they would at least prepare. Both these companies have done nothing but disappoint me since I started taking these tests last spring. I'm glad to be done with them.</p>

<p>yeah i agree
you can't even create an account. you have to register for individual tests. etc.. etc...</p>

<p>This IS a disgrace.</p>

<p>Don't you see that all they want is money- nonprofit? My ass. They're not a nonprofit organization. They take advantage of students... bigtime.</p>

<p>Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. </p>

<p>-- Lord Acton. ;)</p>

<p>I want their email address, they deserve emails from us telling them how disappointed we are....</p>

<p>yea f-uk dat dude
they never answer email</p>

<p>i had like an urgent question sent more than a week before the sat test date....</p>

<p>no reply whatso***ingever</p>

<p>is there anyway to break this monopoly? like seriously this sux the extortion they do.</p>

<p>Let's start a REVOLUTION!! ;) </p>

<p>OR start our own testing service. Mwaha. Free perfect scores to everyone who gives me an extra $100! heh.</p>

<p>Please go see my response on page 6 of the thread "Are October 23 ACT early scores in yet? "</p>

<p>ACT.ORG is aware of the problem but your credit cards are being charged if you've made it to the page where you enter your CC info.</p>