This is a stupid question...but does it snow in berkeley?

<p> from SoCal, so I really want to see snow in berkeley..
i only heard that it rains a lot during winter up there, but does it snow?</p>

<p>Nope, sorry. :o</p>

<p>It might hail if you're lucky, but it will never snow.</p>

<p>im almost done with my first year here, and i can say that it doesnt rain as much as i thought it would. i'm from socal too, torrance/carson area</p>

<p>It's actually rained a lot more than normal -- and it actually has snowed in Berkeley before, but it was a long freaking time ago.</p>

<p>basically, no. once every decade or two it snows, but not enough to stick on the ground.</p>

<p>I hear it snowed a few years ago remarkably close to campus, just off the base of the eastern foothills. Alas, it's not something you can expect to happen. Meh, sunshine and mild temps are good enough for me.</p>

<p>no, it snows a lot here, you better bring your snowjacket =)</p>

<p>on average, it does snow in the bay area once every 40 years, or so. But the snow is really more like slush and only hands for a couple of hours.</p>

<p>It snowed there on Cal Day, so yes, it does snow. You may want to watch out for that.</p>



<p>Kratos, whaaaaaa?</p>

<p>I live in the Bay Area, specifically 30 minutes away from Cal if you take BART. And no...</p>

<p>It doesn't snow. If's RAIN! Ayyy!</p>

<p>i'm coming from ny, so i'm gonna miss the snow</p>

<p>aww mannnn....i never get to see snow since i live in san diego...ahh</p>

<p>depends on what kind of weed you got...</p>

<p>misz87, I am surprised that you haven't seen snow. On a clear January morning take a drive up 5 and you should be able to see the snow capped Mt. Baldy right here in SoCal. And there are many nice places you can go and play in snow - both in the SoCal & the NoCal areas - just an hour or two away from Cal or UCLA.</p>