This is as close as it gets to begging. :P

<p>Can you guys chance me for: UCBerkeley, UCLA, UCDavis & UCIrvine? This is my absolute last chance thread. :P </p>

<p>GPA: Unweighted - 3.98
Weighted - 4.64
UCGPA: 3.9ish
Rank: Top 5%
My school only offers one AP course, that could be taken during senior year; it's AP Calculus. I took Dual Enrollment courses in the 12th grade. Before this year, the Dual Enrollment courses were affiliated with Troy University...but didn't seem to offer the challenge that I wanted and were more expensive. So, I waited till the 12th grade to take Dual Enrollment courses from the University of Alabama...I took English 101, and will be taking English 102. </p>

<p>My final grade for the Dual Enrollment English 101 course is 98/A+.</p>

<p>AP Calculus AB: Scores shall be available in May 2012 :P </p>

<p>SAT Scores: 1760 - CR: 600 M: 540 G: 620 Essay: 8
1920 - CR: 610 M: 640 G: 670 Essay: 9
1950 - CR: 540 (>___< i don't know what happened) M: 670 G: 740 Essay: 11
Superscored: 2020 [UC's don't superscore...I am just writing this to make myself feel better :P]</p>

<p>Didn't list my subject exam scores b/c they're not necessary for admission to the UCs, so Im not gonna list them & they're quite pitiful. </p>

<p>ACT Scores: 26 (w/o essay)
23 (Off day) (w/essay - 9)</p>

<p>ECs: Art Club - 2 yrs [b/c it was founded during junior yr]; Group leader's assistant
Piano - 1 yr
Religion school - Scattered throughout 4 years
Robotics Club - 1 year [founded during junior yr; joined during senior b/c i wanted to see how it would turn out]; Head of T-Shirt & Web Design
Friends of Exceptional Children's Club - 1 year [b/c it redeveloped during junior year; wanted to join during the 11th grade, but it was too late since club was full]; President of Art Committee</p>

<p>Awards: Subject Area Awards - English - 9th grade
First place; collage design - Art Competition - 9th grade
Third place - District Art Competition - 11th grade
First place; mixed media - Art Competition - 11th grade
Subject Area Awards - English - 11th grade
[these awards were the ones that I listed on the UC app since there were only room for 5...but I have more and they're all art concentrated]</p>

<p>Work experience: Occasional tutor - 12th grade; in math concepts. My AP Cal teacher offered it to me b/c I was at the highest math course level in our school (one of the few taking AP Cal) and I had experience in the other math courses. Other than that, people aren't really offered the role of a tutor. </p>

<p>Community service: FEC Club - 3 hours.
After school - 4 hours.
Hospital in 3rd world country - 80 hours.
Daycare - 20 hours.
---Grand total: 107 hrs. </p>

<p>About my high school: Located in Alabama; I have the highest SAT score in my school (pretty darn sad); small Christian high school; my school isn't an ivy feeder at all; a very few amount of kids take subject exams, but the few that did ranged in the 500-600...I am no exception to that sad fact. </p>

<h1>of applicants to the UCs: I believe I am the only one from my class applying...I also believe I am prolly one of the handful who have applied to the UCs, counting the previous classes.</h1>

<p>The only things I have going for me: Diversity & I guess I stick out when they compare my stuff to students of my school</p>

<p>Essays: 1st one - talked about my diversity and life, and tied it in with my goals.
2nd one - talked about my personal characteristic...arising from failures.
optional essay - explained my lack of ECs & the timing of them.</p>

<p>I got into UAB for health sciences w/the golden excellence scholarship.</p>

<p>I applied to:</p>

<p>Berkeley: Undeclared/Life&Sciences
UCLA: Undeclared/L&S
UCD: Neurobiology; Exercise Biology
UCI: Biological Sciences; Biomedical Engineering</p>

<p>OHYEA! I apologize for the long explanations (next to my ECs&academics)...I put all of these explanations on my applications [Additional comments sections]. </p>

<p>So overall, the only negative aspects of my application: Low-ish standardized test scores, ECs recently developed (my school hardly puts any emphasis onto the Arts or Robotics)...</p>

<p>Thanks for even looking at this chance thread; I am starting to freak out because the acceptances/rejections for these schools look so random...however, UCB & UCLA have a general trend of good stats going on. My main focus is UCDavis, and I've been told that I have decent/good chances for this school. It's just my parents are losing hair over my chances into these schools (particularly UCB), since they paid like 280 bucks [70$$ for an UC app is not cheap :P but hey, first direct investment into my future :P] </p>

<p>G'day mate.</p>

<p><em>Begs one more time...perhaps last time</em> Can I have a chance please? </p>


<p>:D :D :P</p>

<p>I would say UCB and UCLA chances are mid reaches. You have a low SAT, but high GPA and rank makes up for that. UCD and UCI should be matches for you. Your EC's seem good, but not outstanding. I think you chose good essay topics that will hopefully play up your uniqueness. I think you have a chance at all schools, but UCD and UCI you have very good chances.</p>

<p>Thank you soo much, Papertank487!! Your feedback was very encouraging! :D</p>

<p>You look good for Davis and irvine, they're small reaches.</p>

<p>Thannkks for your feedback, Waverly! :D I hope I get into Davis :) It's my goal-school. Haha. UCLA is my dreaming a lil school, Berkeley is pushing my luck school. lol.</p>