This is awesome

<p>Any bad press for ND is awesome but this takes the cake</p>

<p>Manti</a> Te'o's Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax</p>

<p>we gotta do this here?</p>

<p>Come on, don’t be that guy.</p>

<p>My apologies, I will show more compassion. After all, while all these Teo talks are funny, let’s try to remember that a girl who never existed is dead…</p>

<p>No I agree with you, it’s hilarious from a Michigan fan standpoint. Te’o was so holy (pun intended) in the eyes of Notre Dame fans everywhere, now he’s clearly just another lying football player, and his statement that was put out yesterday was just more bs.</p>

<p>Have you ever watched Catfish on MTV? Do you think there was a chance the guy was talking to someone he thought existed and then she freaked when she thought she might be found out to NOT be that person and made up the death story? Just a thought… lots of people getting duped online these days.</p>

<p>No, he claimed to have met her in person more than once and going back to like 2009. There’s no way he wasn’t involved and the motive should be obvious.</p>

<p>I have no idea how one could “date” someone for over a year without ever meeting them. Sorry Notre Dame got destroyed in the championship game but like most, I called it…
Te’o must’ve known. The story is just too fishy to support otherwise.</p>

<p>Well online relationships aren’t unheard of, but to not skype them even once, that’s truly unbelievable. At this point i only wonder how long ND has been in on it. At first I was thinking, no way they’re so incompetent as to lie about something with so many holes for this long, but after that press conference… The AD should probably be fired.</p>

<p>Watch Catfish some time… you would be shocked. People will fall for whatever they want to, and they “converse” with people online and on the phone for years without ever seeing them even on skype. Guessing in their head they know there is something fishy, but their heart doesn’t want proof. It is certainly possible he lied about having met her to save face… or it’s also possible he just lied.</p>

<p>^He was the star athlete on the Notre Dame campus. He wouldn’t of had toooo much of a problem attracting girls in real life if he wanted to. Along with all the incredibly suspicious evidence in the deadspin story (which I feel like a lot of people haven’t actually read) there’s really only two plausible explanations: he either made it up for publicity and to try to win the heisman, or he’s homosexual and made it up to protect himself from the less than accepting Notre Dame fanbase.</p>

<p>People have all kinds of reasons for doing what they do that don’t make sense to other people… in his case, why is it anyone’s business? He did NOT win the Heisman because of it, so why does anyone care who he has fantasy relationships with? However, if you watched GMA this morning you might be more inclined to believe HE was duped.</p>

<p>When you’re the public figure Te’o was with such a public, tragic story, when it turns out that it was all just a lie it’s everyone’s business whether he likes it or not. The facts are there on deadspin, I wonder if you’ve actually read the whole article. And what, do they not have skype in South Bend?</p>

<p>Think about it logically, what’s in it for Te’o to have this fake girlfriend? Major publicity (which teammates have been anonymously quoted as saying he loved), especially when he killed her off and a chance at the heisman trophy (doesn’t matter that he didn’t win, he had a chance when it was happening and he wouldn’t have even been in the discussion without the “adversity” he had to overcome). What’s in it for the so-called hoaxers? What’s their endgame? Nothing. It would have had to have been the world’s most dedicated hoax team to get a girl to stay up all night talking to him on the phone while pretending to have terminal cancer. His story makes no sense but him making it up makes all the sense in the world. Quit denying it.</p>

<p>I’m not sure I would consider Deadspin the most reputable source, but yes, I did read the entire article. I disagree that he would not have been under consideration for the Heisman without his “troubles”, but if that’s how the Heisman committee works, then shame on them. I do think there’s a very good chance he got punked… and I don’t really think it’s anyone’s business. He’s a college football player, that doesn’t make his entire life public property.</p>

<p>Well if you actually believe there’s a good chance he got totally punked then we’re living in two different worlds. Skype. Facebook. It’s the 21st century and to think Te’o would have no idea that “the love of his life” was a hoax for two and a half years is ridiculous. He never wanted to read her obituary? Never went to see her once at Stanford? Didn’t care to go see her graduate? And you’re completely overlooking the blatant lies about him meeting her FOR THE FIRST TIME AND EXCHANGING PHONE NUMBERS after the ND Stanford game in 09. And her visits to Hawaii. And their 8 hour nightly phone conversations. His story absolutely does not check out, he definitely knew what was going on.</p>

<p>Well, guess it’s a good thing you are such an authority and absolutely KNOW what he knew or didn’t know…</p>

<p>Well i mean, no, i won’t pretend that i cared about Te’O or even knew about his fake dead girl until 2 days ago. I don’t deify football players to really care about this, other than what it says about the Notre Dame and NFL culture, Mormonism, the media etc. OK, part of me is thrilled it’s happening to Notre Dame. </p>

<p>The thing is, if he was punked then he’s a complete idiot and he or his dad lied about meeting her, and the follow up question is why would he settle for that and never visit this dying girl? If he faked it for publicity, he’s simply scum. If for a beard, again i think it reflects on those entities that drove him to it. </p>

<p>So i mean, take your pick i guess, but the longer he waits to say anything plausible and defensible, the less he’s entitled to benefit of the doubt. It certainly has the stink of huddling with PR teams to invent another story by this point.</p>