This is crazy, but chance me maybe?

<p>Hi :D</p>

<p>I am a white NY female looking to apply to the Industrial and Labor Relations school of Cornell (probably Early Decision) and I was looking for some help, if you guys would be kind. </p>

<p>My SAT score is a 1400 out of 1600 since Cornell doesn't look at the writing section.
Math: 680
Critical Reading: 720</p>

<p>I attend Brooklyn Technical High School and its a notoriously difficult school so my high school overall GPA is a 93. </p>

<p>I don't know my class rank since my class has a lot of people (in the thousands) so they don't bother with that. </p>

<p>I will have a total of 6 AP classes by the time that senior year is done. (AP World History, AP Chemisty, AP Human Geography, AP US History, AP English Literature and AP Government.)</p>

<p>I took the SAT 2 in World History and got a 790 but will take more. </p>

<p>I have 300 hours of community service at a theater group that spreads awareness about domestic violence.
I was also in my high school production for 4 years as an actor and will be working as a director/actor my senior year.
I am also in Model UN. </p>

<p>All help is greatly appreciated :)</p>

<p>You won’t get in because of that reference you made just now.</p>

<p>but in all honesty you might have an okay shot at ED - that is the right choice; your app doesn’t stand out but the reputation of your school and ED may push you in.</p>

<p>Check your school’s history as to what grades kids had to get into Cornell. That will give you an idea, even though it wouldn’t show ECs and scores (which make up around 66% of your app).</p>

<p>I checked the school’s history and the average GPA of the students that got in was a 94.8 while the average SAT score was a 1367. </p>

<p>I am a little below the GPA but above the SAT score, so I am unsure what to think.</p>

<p>So, probably about average chance in terms of stats alone. Note, it would make sense that the mean values are skewed to the left due to the probability that hooked applicants with poorer credentials tend to get in in small amounts (bad for you). However, that is taking into consideration all the people in your school who applied to the more selective schools in Cornell number wise (good for you). In the end, it’s pretty much speculation because we don’t know how many people they rejected in each score group in proportion to accepted, and once again stats only make up around like 2/3 of your app. So I’d take it to be around average chance with this amount of information.</p>