This is for SF Bay Area People...Where can you get the big salad?

<p>There used to be a restaurant called the Good Earth..I think..where the big salad was one of the specialties...the kind of salad piled high with plenty of ingredients.</p>

<p>Is there anything like that in the SF bay area now?</p>

<p>Most of these restaurant salads..have very few ingredients..I want something that's a meal.</p>

<p>Mollie Stones has a nice salad bar..but that's not a restaurant.</p>

<p>So? Any places you go to for a big salad?</p>

<p>MAX'S and all it's branches, including the Opera Cafe. Almost EVERYTHING served there is BIG [ and good!]</p>

<p>Max's</a> Restaurants:</p>

<p>Agreed on the Max's recommendation. Check out their taco salad, big and delicious with tons of veggies and other yummy stuff :)</p>

<p>Max's certainly serves large portions. It depends on what you want, though. If you're looking for a healthy salad filled with delicious fresh vegetables, Max's is not your spot. If instead you're looking for an enormous, high calorie salad with some vegetables and many other ingredients, Max's would be a good place. </p>

<p>I have eaten at both places. If I were in the mood for a Good Earth kind of place, I wouldn't go to Max's.</p>

<p>well, here is the link to their menus. Dstark can decide for himself I'm sure........</p>

<p>Family</a> Dining Restaurant Bay Area | San Francisco Restaurant Takeout Orders | Online Takeout Food San Francisco | Live Music Bars Restaurant Services</p>

<p>the food is basically the same everywhere.</p>

<p>I forgot about Max's. I like Max's. I get take-out from Max's all the time. There is one 10 minutes from my house. I like the matzo ball soup and the turkey dinner.</p>

<p>I remember the salads being ok. Haven't had one in years. Is the chopped vegetable salad any good? I guess I could try one. lol</p>

<p>I am looking more towards a Good Earth type of salad. Vegetables, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, etc.</p>

<p>The Max's salads look ok though. Thanks. </p>

<p>Cardinal didn't mention a place....</p>

<p>Cafe Intermezzo gets good reviews for salads, plus it's Cal close.</p>

<p>Cafe</a> Intermezzo - Google Maps</p>

<p>On Telegraph Avenue near the UC Berkeley campus the best salads are at Cafe Intermezzo (which has been renamed to Cafe Mattina). It is casual dining (e.g. catering to a student population), but the salads are very good.</p>

<p>I usually go to Saul's when I'm in Berkeley... But.... Cafe Mattina looks very good to me. That veggies delight salad looks like a winner to me. The prices look good too. Definitely on my list to try. Thanks.</p>

<p>I had breakfast last weekend at Cafe Intermezzo, delicious, did not have an opportunity to try the salads. The name has changed from Cafe Intermezzo to Cafe Mattina back to Cafe Intermezzo.</p>