This is going to sound really stupid

<p>But what do you actually do at frat parties? Do you just stand around and drink lots of alcohol, or dance while drinking lots of alcohol, or what? I'm totally oblivious to what frat parties entail.</p>

<p>Some just stand around and drink lots of alcohol, some drink tons of alcohol and dance, some just stand around without alcohol and others dance without alcohol. Also depends on the frat. There will be beer pong/beirut. Definitely go to one your first week of college since lots of other people will, and you will be able to meet a lot of potentially cool people/future friends.</p>

<p>depends on your school. if its a big state school, probably. if its a lesser known private school, more than likely not</p>

<p>Depends on each house. I've been to houses that have only beer pong/social rooms, dancing room/social room, or dancing/social/beer pong rooms.</p>

<p>Not that stupid. I've wondered too :p. Been to apartment parties and a few clubs but never tried a frat party.</p>

<p>Go and see for yourself, dude.</p>

<p>I'm a junior in high school at the moment.</p>

<p>Brohemian Rhapsody from College Humor: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>^ ^ you dont know how much I want it to be like this!! This is what it's like in the UK :D, without the beerpong and clubbing inbetween. I really want to play that game! x</p>

<p>bahahah good video, catsushi. Pretty accurate of my school's frat parties, adding more grotesque crotch-gyrating and subtract the coordinated singing, dude playing guitar and harrassing cops. Wouldn't call that necessarily a good thing though...although they are interesting to go to at least once.</p>

<li>Dress like a tool</li>

<p>I won't be attending a school with a Greek system, but when visiting a friend at Bucknell, the frat party we went to consisted of two enormous beiruit tables and endless ruit and beer pong. You didn't have to drink - unsurprisingly, there was (free) beer everywhere, you could just go take one - and if you stood around you would probably be fine. Anyone who wasn't playing ruit was just standing around talking or (probably) hooking up in some upstairs bedroom, I'm guessing. Also, the floor was really gross and sticky from being covered with years and years of beer...</p>

<p>In short, not that exciting. I feel like it would get old, but maybe that's just me.</p>

<p>Frat parties are fun.</p>

<p>Everyone just gets wasted, plays beer pong, dances with chicks, finds private corners to hookup in.</p>

<p>Usually a few good fist fights.</p>

<p>Some frats are cool with having dudes not in their fraternity come to their parties. Others give them crap about it. You usually have to pay $5 for your cup, then drink for free.</p>

<p>They're okay. The beer sucks and is overpriced. </p>

<p>House parties are much more fun.</p>

<p>^^You have to pay for beer at the frat parties you guys go to? Seriously?</p>

<p>$5 for entry. Shots are extra, usually $1 per shot.</p>

<p>ughh our frat parties are lame at MSU. Unless you know a brother (or are at a more exclusive party), fraternities are not allowed to have any kegs at all so it is byob for most parties. As a girl if you want to get booze you normally have to be willing to do suggestive things...</p>

<p>We don't have to pay for our frat parties... That would be so sucky.</p>

<p>@fa-la-la-lena, I'm coming to MSU in the fall, so what are the good parties, or who throws the good parties that I should know about?</p>

<p>At Emory it is pretty much completely open to anyone, there are a few exceptions but usually every party has large quantities of free beer. Some also have vodka/whiskey/tequila sitting out for anyone to pour themselves shots/drinks with. Holiday parties have appropriately themed drinks. All free.</p>