This is how they admit people. Period

<p>This is my hypothesis on how Princeton narrows it down for ED applicants. Note, this does not apply to athletes, URM, legacies, or strange circumstances</p>

<li>They recieve a couple thousand apps. They look over the board scores of each applicant to see if they fit a certain mold, i.e. over 700. A 680 or 690 is perfectly ok, granted those are not the majority of your scores. People who do not pass this test are rejected</li>
<li>After the initial rejection, they look at the courseload and make sure it is the hardest possible. They also make sure you have mostly A’s, but a few B’s sprinkled will not hurt you at all. Beware of the C. Failure to pass this test results in 50% rejection 50% deferral. If you pass this point, you will not be rejected, only deferred or accepted</li>
<li>Next they look at your essays. If they are cliche, you get a deferral. If they are outstanding, you move on to the next round</li>
<li>Next come the teacher recs. If they are truly glowing and outstanding, you move on. If they really dont say a lot about you, you get a deferral</li>
<li>The Adcoms then look at extracirricular activities. If you have a strong passion and show that you are dedicated to improving/working with it, you move on. If your EC’s are mostly cliche, like Key Club, NHS, French Club, ect. you get deferred.</li>
<li>At this point, the apps are really whittled down. So, they flip a coin between close applicants to determine who gets deferred and who gets accepted. Simple as that </li>

<p>Does anyone have a better system?</p>

<p>If it were my school, I would put ECs before essays and recs. But overall, yeah, that sounds pretty reasonable.</p>

<p>Your opine is that this is the way it is......funny how they always take kids who have lower scores than what you mention. How do you account for that?</p>

<p>crap...i will fail the first test...however, if i get past one, rest are all cool.</p>

<p>i have 690/680 on SATI...hopefully 32 ACT would compensate....</p>

<p>15 could not come soon enough</p>

<p>Not sure whether or not you're right, Creatine, but I can picture Pton adcoms coming to this site in their free time:</p>

<p>Chuck: Hey Bob, look...another kid's trying to figure out what we do here!
Bob: Hahaha! They keep trying, don't they?
Chuck: Oooh! Oooh! Here's a funny part: "A 690 or 680 is perfectly okay"...Hahaha, they think we actually care!
Bob: You think we oughta tell them that we just throw darts at their app?
Chuck: Nah, let's screw with their heads and start a rumor that the second letter of the last name is actually the crucial factor.
Bob: Sounds like a plan to me.</p>

<p>No offense intended to the hardworking men and women of Princeton University who take the time to read our applications. Your efforts are much appreciated. :)</p>

<p>I hope this is the case, but is this based on any verifiable data?</p>

(ten chars)</p>

<p>thats probably the dumbest proposed process i've ever heard. there's no verifiable data first of all, but besides that it's totally retarded. you can't say if ec's or rec's or essay's come in a certain order of importance. the only part that might be true is eliminating based on a certain sat score, but even then you don't eliminate too many people because 1450+ is pretty popular these days. i'm pretty sure they have a group of a few regional directors sit together, read through whole apps, see if they get a picture of the kid in their head, and then clash it with other apps to find "princetonians." i'm also almost positive that the initial stage of "eliminating" people is done by the regional director alone, and that he or she suggests his/her top candidates to other directors at their general meeting (which is and has been in session since the beginning of december until decisions are made). they look for reasons to reject you first, and then try to find reasons to accept you after. that's what i think anyway, but then again i could be completely wrong which is very possible</p>

<p>no they never flip coins or throw darts or whatever</p>

<p>when it comes to similar applicants, it all comes down to a simple vote among the commitee. Also, if they see that they have already accepted many students of a certain type(Jack of all trade) then they might pick somebody that has some specific interest/talent if it comes to a draw</p>

<p>they say that they take a "hollistic approach"</p>

<p>there is no system/method/formual</p>

<p>they see you as a person and put things in context and perspective.</p>

<p>I hope they are right. They say there are no SAT cutoffs....and I am pretty sure that there can't be any for ED because these people love the school and have comitted to enrolling....hopefully in the early pool they look for reasons to accept you rather than to defer you....</p>

<p>just my wishful thinking :)</p>

<p>(about a week left....:) )</p>

<p>hazmat, you account for the sub-700 scores by recruited athletes, professor-requested students, urm's, and legacies...</p>

<p>Fact demonstrates otherwise.</p>

<p>They whittle it down so that they have clear cut accepts and rejects. Then they are left with a huge pool of either accepts/deferrals. That's when they decide whose personality they like better/throw darts.</p>

<p>ya know, you guys seem to be against this idea, but i think creatine is on to something. i actually dont think they go in that particular order, but it has the ingrediants she mentioned. they look over the whole thing, and then decide is the student good enough for princton? it is the whole thing not each part individually. admissions is a crapshoot, you just have to know how to increase the odds. to be honest, i think everyone who visits this site has a good idea on how to get in. just do the best you can in these fields and good luck! its as simple as that. also, if you get over a 700 in every sat catagory, your set. dont worry about it. also, class rank has a huge impact on your admission. no one gets in without being well, val. sorry (at least thats what i think)</p>

**no one gets in without being well, val. sorry (at least thats what i think)


<p>This is not true.....many kids are admitted who are not Val or Sal. Many schools don't award those distinctions nor do they rank. Why would you say that one must be a Val? Did someone at your school tell you this? It is simply untrue.</p>

<p>My school doesn't even have val or sal. It's completely unranked.</p>

<p>Too bad for you.....Shark_bite says you aren't gonna get in then. Too bad for those of us who are in but didn't come from ranked classes.</p>

<p>hazmat...where are your facts then?....but go ahead and leave your arguments unsubstantiated...i guess many applying have a personality disorder where their inflated egos serve as a road block to admitting they're wrong...</p>

<p>SAT Verbal SAT Math
700-800 71% 73%
600-699 25% 25%
500-599 4% 2%
400-499 0% 0%
300-399 0% 0%
200-299 0% 0%
100% 100%</p>

<p>Yes poor me.
Alas, somehow kids in previous years from my school have managed to get in. Perhaps they faked the val/sal thing? Replaced it with an oustanding extra c.- president of scuba diving/whale harpooning club?</p>