This Is Like Waiting For Mr. Softee

<p>With less than two weeks before Decision Day, as a parent who is waiting for the college results, this reminds me of when I was young and waited on a long line for Mr. Softee. It begins by hearing that distinctive theme song. Then, I open the front door longing for that blue and white ice cream truck and hoping I have enough time to grab some money. In a flash I do so. There is no time to waste because I want to be at the curb before the other kids on the block. Yet, there always seemed to be someone else waiting ahead of me. Nevertheless, I anticipated the delicious taste of the best ice cream in the world. I hoped there would be enough ice cream left when it is my turn for my order. I ignored possible disappointment. But, things happen.
My son was deferred form Yale. It was disappointing but there is still a chance. After reading many of the stats I am amazed. While my son has similar if not better stats then some it still seems like it may not be enough for an acceptance. Whatever happens, I am proud of my son's accomplishments. He took it upon himself to excel without any help from my wife or me. In short, I never had a hero in my life until now. I look up to him and I am WOWED.
If my son any does not get recognized by any of his top choices it would be an obvious disappointment but it is not the end. I know he has done all he could do and I love him for the person he is. His future is in the hands of the Fates if you believe that sort of thing. Hopefully he will get rewarded after his long wait and get Mr. Softee but if not, Carvel or Baskin-Robbins are good too.</p>

<p>17yearslatter, I think you have a great attitude, and I hope you've let your son know how you feel about him!</p>

<p>Yes. Thanks.</p>