This is my last "Chance me" thread. Please, come be a part of it and chance me. Thx!

<p>Colleges I'm applying to in order of preference:</p>

<p>US Air Force Academy
US Naval Academy
Purdue (for engineering)
Univ. of Michigan
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
U Maryland (College Park)

<p>ACT: 32 (34 English, 34 Math, 30 Reading, 29 Science) </p>

<p>SAT: 1410 (680 CR, 730 M) retook this also, both math and CR may have gone up.</p>

<p>But my gpa is REALLY low . only a 3.5 (3.75 weighted). But I've taken the hardest courses offered, and I'm extremely involved in extra curriculars (NHS, FBLA, DECA, SciOly, Sci Fair to name a few), and I have several awards (most in those EC's).</p>

<p>If you're in-state you should have a good shot at Tech. My GPA is low too so hopefully our SAT scores will counteract that.</p>

<p>I think your high sat and act scores will def balance with your low gpa so don't worry about that, with your strong ec i'm sure you will get into Purdue! but I would say write a good essay for Umich</p>

<p>chance me back?
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<p>i'm actually not instate for the techs :(</p>

<p>omg i wanna get into purdue so bad... lol</p>

<p>no worries you will DEF get into Purdue, a friend of mine who is actually an international student transferred to Purdue as a College Junior and he didn't even have stats as good as yours :)</p>

<p>but i heard that the pre-engineering was like 10x harder to get into :(. im pretty worried. a rejection wouldn't really surprise me too much (doesn't mean i wouldn't be super-depressed...)</p>