this is pretty scary

<p>Federal</a> Bureau of Investigation - Crimes Against Children - National/State Sex Offender Registry</p>

<p>since sex offenders are forced to register, you can actually see those who live in your region. </p>

<p>(although I'm surprised - there aren't that many in my region).</p>

<p>you're making me feel really sorry for the sex offenders. it must be awfully embarrassing to be judged forever for some crazy urge you had one night.</p>

<p>there was a thing about this on 20/20 the other night.</p>

<p>^^^and on Dr. Phil</p>

<p>lol sex offenders. i want a register of murderers, terrorists, and white nationalists too! :D</p>

<p>(just kidding about white nationalists... kind of)</p>

<p>awwwww i'm looking through the list of guys in mpls... that's just about the saddest thing i've ever seen... AWWWW one of them, for address, says "homeless in minneapolis" :(</p>

<p>o.0 what does level 3 mean?</p>

<p>level three means they are a hardcore rapist, haha. it's the worst one. i think it means they are the most likely to reoffend, or something like that.</p>