this is REALLY late but...

<p>I am home sick today and I thought why not, I'd post a be-lated "what are my chances post"</p>

<p>I early d'ed to stern.</p>

<p>790 verbal, 710 math, 730 writing in one sitting (1500/2230)</p>

<p>800 math iic, 790 math ic, 710 lit, 510 french (yeah...)</p>

<p>Around 5 percentile in the 5th best public school in PA</p>

<p>4.61 weighted, 3.7ish unweighted</p>

<p>5 Euro, 4 US Hist, 3 Chem</p>

<p>I am taking five more AP's this yr
calc, french, eng lit, govt, bio</p>

<p>National Merit Semi-Finalist (could advance further)</p>

<p>Ec's are NOT good, I am a rather individual person
But... District Band, District Orchestra, County band, principal sax, I like music
also jv track and other minor clubs</p>

<p>Good teacher and counselor who wrote my recomm</p>

<p>I like my essay, It's about God and my love/interest in Finance </p>

<p>I am usually a calm person but I am slightly worried, any response would be helpful, thanks</p>

<p>If you are applying to Stern I'd say you have a better than decent chance. Did you apply? Are you deciding or have you already submitted? Did you apply to Penn/Wharton also?</p>

<p>I have already early d'ed to Stern on time (November 1st).</p>

<p>I also applied to Penn state, Cornell, Michigan, Carnegie, BC, UNC, and Virginia.</p>

<p>Well good luck for you will be finding out really soon now. Hang in there it is nerve wracking isn't it?</p>

<p>humblebee your in.</p>

<p>you should have applied to wharton</p>

<p>Does anyone know why NYU is unjustly ranked sooooooo low?
It is ranked 37th according to usnews.
It is behind Tufts, Wake Forest, Lehigh, U. of Rochester, and U. of Wisconsin.</p>

<p>What???? What???? What??????</p>

<p>the whole NYU school is ranked low because not all of its academic programs are top notch. The Stern School of Business however is ranked in the top 10 for undergraduate business. Whatever the rankings may say, NYU is a great school, I hope i get into Stern!</p>