This is really weired!! asking for Toefl NOW?

<p>I just received an e-mail from princeton asking for my toefl score. I sat the exam on December, as indicated on application form, and I'm very sure that I wrote princeton as the only score recipient. This must have been a mistake by ETS. Frankly, Im very worried because I expect them to receive this ages ago and haven't been told till just now.
It's only 6 days from the notification date. I wonder why they are still reviewing applications. Would the score I now send still be helpful?</p>

<p>Yes. It's a very good sign, don't you think? They're still considering your application! There isn't a big red "rejected" on your file. Just fax the scores.</p>

<p>i hope that's the case . I really do. good luck to everybody else</p>

<p>Out of curiosity, what's your score?</p>

<p>Honestly, there's alot of schools that are still looking at decisions this late in the game. Good luck, irregardless!</p>

<p>dr. avrah, i got 109... not ridiculously good</p>