This is strange!

<p>Everyone lists a bunch of ECs on their resumes here on CC. But here's the million dollar question, where do you list all these crazy CCs on the application? They give you 5 spaces! Unless of courses, you attach a resume, or you use the "additional information" to literally list the rest of the ECs... So what do people do, exactly, or do they merely not list the EC's at all?</p>

<p>Simply go to the right of the field, and under the last box, you'll see a scroll down menu to add however many more boxes you'd like.</p>

<p>are you talking the writable pdf or the online common app? cuz neither has a scroll down menu...</p>

<p>I think BD89's talking about the Pton app...the Common App has no such thing.</p>

<p>Do you have an advantage if you write the Princeton App as opposed to the Common App?</p>

<p>no. it's prob better to use common app anyway so that it's more convenient for your rec writers</p>

<p>Indeed, I was talking about the pton application.</p>

<p>More importantly, the princeton app doesn't provide the essay options from the common app, but instead asks you to write two essays based on the princeon quotations. Have I got this right or am I missing a crucial detail?</p>