This is the MOST EPIC back to college list. Take note:)

<p>So I will be attending a college in the fall of 2012. Don't ask me where (applying RD is frustrating). However, I have been making this list since the beginning of junior year... So I thought I would share. Tell me if I forgot something OR if I have too much underwear.</p>

<p>Things needed for college!</p>

Laptop (HP, Toshiba, Apple)
Connector chords
Hole puncher (three ring)
Flash drives (2 4 gigabyte ones and 1 MONSTER GIGABYTE ONE)

Something to loft my bed
Storage bins
Cleaning supplies
Garbage can
Hooks for coats
Picture of family
Antibacterial soap
Arm holder or iPod
4 towel set
4 sheets
Computer screen for TV use acer
Iron / ironing board
Mirror (long and short)
2 Pillows
1 stuffed animal (don't be THAT chick)
Kits ( similar to mom's makeup kit, to put academic stuff and makeup stuff)
Sewing kit
Water filter
Cork board
Thumb tacks

<p>COSMETIC ( 2 of everything )
Facial cleaner
Acne wash
Hair grease
Shampoo and conditioner
Curling Iron
Hair dryer
Nail clippers
Ear swaps

(include what you HAVE. there is no need to buy all new clothes just because you are going away)
7 pairs of jeans
20 short sleeved shirts
20 long sleeved shirts
15 tank tops (non atheltic)
45 pairs of underwear
-15 boy shorts
-25 regular cut
-10 thong
24 bras
-3 push up
-3 strapless
-10 sports bras
-8 regular t-shirt bras
5 skirts
15 dresses
- 2 party
- 3 formal
- 10 casual
5 pairs sweat pants
10 athletic shorts
5 pairs spandex
3 pairs closed toe pumps (black, red )
1 pair running shoes
2 pairs casual sneakers
2 pairs boots
5 pairs of flats
Winter jacket
Fall / spring jackets
30 pairs of socks
5 main bags</p>

<p>YOU NEED AN ESSENTIALS PURSE with: chap stick, $80 & a pen</p>

- bandages
- rubbing alcohol
- antibacterial ointment
- gauze
- Tylenol</p>

mini vacuum
dust pan and broom
Sewing needle and thread

The Godfather (BEST MOVIE EVER)
The computer monitor
A converter so you can watch TV on the monitor
iPod speakers
A ( meaning one ) board game: you don't want to be THAT kid.</p>


<p>Ahhh, this is great! Hahaha also, never too much underwear.</p>

<p>Thanks for making this!</p>

<p>From a previous post I forgot to include an external hard drive... The clothes would be a bit much BUT it's not like i'd bring all this to my dorm... It'd be just to have lol</p>

<p>You should check out: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>"45 pairs of underwear"</p>

<p>I think I've never owned more than 10 boxers at a time.</p>

<p>^You obviously need to stock up on some thongs then.</p>

<p>Assuming you aren't in the middle of a gap year, remember to enjoy senior year too. ;)</p>

<p>Until you know where you end up, consider the possibility that you won't have as much storage space as you might like. I've had friends who didn't have space for a fridge except in their closet, and that arrangement obviously gets in the way of keeping a different outfit for each day of the month.</p>

<p>Oh, I'm a real girly girl and I wouldn't store all of this in my dorm. Oh heavens no! I'd rotate my clothing lol.</p>

<p>Were do you plan on storing it?</p>

<p>I can't believe you have this many bras. Do you seriously wear them all? At most, I can see 10 and then it just descends into chaos.</p>

45 pairs of underwear
-15 boy shorts
-25 regular cut
-10 thong


<p>ummm... this doesn't add up</p>



<p>You don't need 45 pairs of underwear if you got gloves and vaseline.</p>

<p>You intend to do laundry only 3 times per semester? That will be a lot of laundry when you have to do it, though.</p>

<p>I feel bad for whoever your roommate is going to be, they're going to have no room because of all your stuff.</p>

<p>Nice, I like making lists too, especially amidst stressful times like college apps.</p>

<p>Your school will probably provide a garbage can and cork board. Your bed may be loft-able by itself, find out when you get assigned your dorm. I wouldn't bring antibacterial soap, unless you have a sink in your room. Definitely don't need 4 sheets! Even 2 sets has been more than enough for me. I didn't need a clock because I just look at my phone/ipod or use set the alarm on those. YES umbrella. Thought I wouldn't need one because I'm in LA...pours one day, doesn't go to chemistry because I'd have to walk through campus soaking wet. I just use my roommate's hair dryer. Don't know if you or your roommate would be up for that, otherwise, it's definitely something you can share. Dresses: you probably don't need 3 formal dresses. Also, you have a lot of shirts! If you're tight on space, I'd cut down on shirts and bras.
You might not have enough room for all those clothes, but whatever suits you.
Some things you might want to add: desk lamp, printer and binder paper, speakers, utensils, bowl/plate, cup.</p>

<p>This is a great and thorough list! Thanks for making this, it'll definitely help me. </p>

<p>I'd scale back on the numbers though (especially the bras and the socks!). I think people in college generally dress down (compared to high school students) so you might want to take into account how your fashion sense will change once you have those lazy mornings and days with only 1-2 classes.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>This was my college packing list, which some things were added to and deleted off of here but I didn't update it. So you can look at this for more ideas.</p>

<p>I brought a lot of stuff...I have 52 pairs of shoes in my dorm!</p>