This Is Us. Anyone watching?

I was absolutely not expecting the twist, even though all the reviews said something happened to change the perspective on the relationships in the last minutes. In retrospect, I can see the clues even though I was oblivious while watching. I liked the show, even though I felt like I had seen a lot of it due to the ad for it that kept playing so much. Anyone else?

I watched it. Interesting twist!

I watched it online today. Interesting twist. I wonder how they’ll weave the storylines.

Hoping to catch the first episode online - if I like it, I’ll dvr for the future.

I dvr’d it but haven’t watched yet…

I guessed the twist from the ads but didn’t think it would happen in the first episode.

I found it pretty unrealistic. And I loved it!

I watched, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. Same reaction to The Good Place which also got a lot of preseason publicity.

Watched it tonight and thought it was okay. Will probably give it one more try and see if the writing improves and the sappiness dies down.

I thought the twist was clever, but I didn’t find the characters very interesting. I also don’t do sappy. I may give it one more hour to pull itself together, with hopes that the characters become more multi-dimensional (I acknowledge it’s hard to flesh out so many people in a pilot episode), but there’s so much TV out there, I won’t be watching a hour a week of anything I don’t thoroughly love, and I’m skeptical This Is Us will qualify. Most reviewers seem to think the show will inherit the Parenthood fanbase–I never took to that show, so maybe I’m just not the right audience.

I didn’t see the twist coming. They did a great job of revealing clues that only registered on a subconscious level (for me at least) so when the reveal came it was especially satisfying. I like it when a plot ties together in a clever way but the sentimental angles didn’t attract me as much so I’m not sure that I’ll stay with it.

The Good Place seemed kind of light and silly on the surface, and maybe it will stay that way, but I can see it possibly going in the direction of absurd social satire that would be my cup of tea. Really liked the cast.

I must be hard-hearted because I didn’t feel like crying at all.
There was a point, at the hospital, where I asked myself ‘Wait, why doesn’t the doctor…?’ but I dismissed it. The twist made sense and wasn’t sprung on us without warning, and I didn’t find the whole thing sappy - I’m likely the only one out there :). In a pilot I expect dramatic events so that we’re hooked, and it didn’t seem so far fetched that an old alcoholic would be dying for example. I’m not invested in the characters enough to see them as people yet.
However I’m curious to know where they’re going and I’d they can sustain enough stories from that premise.

I DVR’d it so I watched after work last night. It was only ok for me. I didn’t see the twist coming. I will give it a couple more episodes before I give up on it completely.

I enjoyed the actors and wasn’t expecting the twist at the end, so I found that intriguing. I am not sure how they can make an entire series out of the current set of characters. I suppose it is possible that they will start over next week with a new story…

I will watch again.

I think we’re going to see Jack and his wife and their triplets on the one hand (Pittsburgh right after Black Monday is an interesting choice); Kate and Kevin, on another hand - Kate, her maybe-boyfriend and weight issues, but also perhaps career or whatever + Kevin and his career issues, perhaps relationships and body image issues (being valued for your shirtless torso isn’t all that good for self esteem, especially for a guy who’s still proud of his Shakespeare play as per the poster on his wall); and Randall with his wife, two daughters, and dying biological father, on the other other hand. Apparently Kate and Kevin are in LA? I don’t remember, who does?
And where does Randall live? Do we know?
Anyway, plenty of material there. But curious to know how they’ll handle what comes next.

There will continue to be four story lines. Lots of foreshadowing in each episode if you keep your eyes open.

Too early to draw a conclusion for me, but I liked it enough to add it to my series list on the DVR.

I thought it was OK. I missed the twist entirely – I thought it was just harmonic resonance, and completely missed the connection between the stories and the timeline. Until my wife pointed it out. And I thought, “Yeah! That explains some of the weird stuff in the Mandy Moore scenes!”

I thought the weight issues had promise. I was really not feeling the midlife crisis of the sitcom actor. The lost bio father plotline seemed cliched, but exceptionally well-acted, especially the father. It has a long way to go, though, to hang with Parenthood, thirtysomething, Freaks & Geeks, etc., in my pantheon. At some point, I am going to consider going back to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I liked it enough to watch it again. I remember liking Parenthood more right from the start. But I like to give promising shows several episodes before giving up.

We liked it. Gerald McRainey is wonderful…we will watch again.