This Is Us. Anyone watching?

I was wondering if Hai might have been the boy in the boat with Nicky in Vietnam. The boy was presumed dead, but in true This is Us fashion, maybe he didn’t die? Or he could have been the younger brother of Hai, as maybe he would have been too young to be Hai. This may all be a big stretch; just looking for the next twist in the story.


As opposed to any other story arc? It is all a stretch. :sweat_smile:

For the record, I liked the episode.


Dh LOVED the episode. For me, like Kate’s bf story, this was wrapped up a little too neatly.

I’m glad Randall got the answers he was seeking. I am amazed at the job the writers do for Beth and how Susan Kelechi Watson delivers her lines with such authenticity. All those little asides through the years from when she gets high with William in season 1 to last night’s commentary on absinthe. She is sublime.


Yes, Beth is a prize. Adore.

I wonder if the country home given to Randall will become more of a story - do they settle there at the end? Just seemed like a significant thing to happen without it becoming more of a storyline in the future.

Also, side note, I loved Randall’s mom’s auntie. Cool lady.


Along with all the far fetched things such as how did the will read to leave him the property, since he was no longer next of kin but whatever.

The part that struck a chord with me, ,as do all the Randall adoption things, is that he was in NO before Laurel passed. I spent a summer living in the same town as my maternal siblings, I don’t think my birth mother lived there as she was divorced and the non-custodial parent, but I had thought that I could have passed them on the street. And the fact that she was not a perfect person, just like Laurel, also struck a chord.

There has to be more Vietnam tie in. At least we know that Laurel and Hai did not have children resulting in the granddaughter we saw earlier.

@jackief I missed that - when was Randall in New Orleans before Laurel died???

Randall and Beth were there for their 5th anniversary. He talked about how he could have passed her on the street and not known her.

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I liked the episode. :slight_smile:

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Beth: “You okay babe? You haven’t said much since we got in last night.”

Randall: “I’m just thinking about the last time we were here.”

Beth: “Our fifth anniversary, oh we tried absinthe for the first time. That was a good night. Five-hour man”


Thanks - missed a line or two there that made the difference!

re the earlier NO trip, not every little interaction sticks in everyone’s mind the same way. skieurope quoted the absinthe line and that was mentioned earlier. For me it was the line about how he could have passed Laurel, I understand that would not have the same effect on others. That is one thing I love about this show, different parts connect with different people.

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I liked the episode, although the story was indeed very far fetched. So far, the last two episodes have been Kate and Randall taking a trip to the past. Looks like it’s Kevin’s turn next week - not a trip to the past, but not good news…

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I enjoyed all of this episode except for the Randall-in-the-lake- with-his-mother scene. It just bothered me. However, I like the result of the episode in that it seems that he finally has some emotional closure. Dh jokingly commented that he would not be going into that lake in Louisiana at night for fear of alligators.

I think Randall’s and Kevin’s storylines are just better than Kate’s. I like Kate, but I don’t find her character very complex. My dh does not think Kevin is a sympathetic character at all.

And, clearly, I have not been paying enough attention - when did Beth cut her hair?

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Based on photos of Susan Kelechi Watson over the years, that looks like her usual length.

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The lake scene was both poignant and creepy. I also admit to not loving it but it did emotionally affect me.

D2 and I argued over the whole Madison-Kevin discussion about his actor work and being away from home. To me, duh Madison, Kevin is an actor and has been since you’ve known him - that’s how he makes a living - for him and for you and your babies. It’s not like this is a new fling for him to go off and act. I don’t know if she had/has a career but there seemed to be a lot of buy in from him to the relationship to want her and the kids with him on set and his willingness to hire a nanny to help her as well. Certainly if she has/wants a career he might entertain that thought but I heard nothing in their conversation to indicate that she wanted to be grounded for her own career path - just that she didn’t want to follow him around (??)

D2 took the feminist viewpoint (which I support but again it’s not like she expressed a personal reason to stay or that he totally vetoed her not always traveling with him).

I don’t have a good vibe on Madison’s future - we will see. I tried to look up a season 5 finale date but don’t see any posting yet.

Maybe I was thinking of college Beth? Lol

No. She has had styles that it least seemed longer. Beth experiments a lot with her hair, but she, like her portrayer, celebrates the beauty of her natural hair. And good for her.

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And he responded with “no the 6 hour man” (or words to that effect). I also agree that they could have picked any country, so surely there is a connection to Vietnam.

What do you think of Kevin and Madison’s relationship? Are they trying to work things out romantically? I see them kissing each other hello and goodbye, so it seems like more than just wanting to co-parent. But I also am not feeling the chemistry or love there.

I am wondering if one of them will have an “aha” moment and think Yes! I love this person!

Like @jym626 said, I think there may be a connection to Vietnam. It seems to odd to have Laurel’s boyfriend be from there, where they could have chosen a number of other more likely scenarios.

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