This Is Us. Anyone watching?

Yes, that scene about accepting AND adjusting hit home for me, too. NONE of my three kids is living the life I saw in the movie running through my head when they were younger. That’s life, though, and I appreciated the perspective.


A good solid episode that gave some more substance to some of the storylines. I am curious where the group counseling will go for Randall.

I did have to chuckle at the scenes of Miguel and Jack before the proposal and how Jack (to me) looked so good looking and Miguel looked like they put a wig on his head!!!

I am still not a big Miguel fan but I cannot deny his loyalty to Jack - and Rebecca. I forget to we know what happened to Miguel’s former wife - wasn’t he married?

I also wonder if showing Kevin’s 3 past girlfriends at the end was just for show - or a prompt for another episode. A part of me still holds on to a lasting relationship with Sophie.


If I remember right, Miguel got divorced.


They divorced just prior to Thanksgiving 1997.


just watched the episode last night and really liked the scenes mentioned above. I’ll add one more, the adoption group therapy Randall attended. I am an adoptee myself, who has found my birth families recently (although mother had previously died, just like Randall’s).

I also am in several fb groups of adoptees as well as genealogy groups of people looking. There are many stories similar to that of the hispanic woman who wished she had not been adopted. I am curious how Randall will process this and how his meeting with Kevin unfolds.


@jackief, thank you. Watching that group resonated with me as an adoptive parent. Of course this is fiction, but I was so glad that Randall had the experience of a group like that.


Thank you for sharing. The group provided a prospective we all need to see re: adoption.


not to continue to derail, but when I met the man who married my birth mother, the first thing he said to me was “you should thank me, I did you a favor” (apparently my birth mother and her family pressured him to adopt me, she was already pregnant with their first child when they had their shotgun wedding).

People say that was cruel and uncalled for, but I certainly see that perspective as I had a much more privileged upgbringing than they did, and my mother also had issues as did the mother of the woman in the group. This is a very complex topic which I don’t expect them to dive as deeply as others, but it is good they at least showed this perspective and it will cause some people to think.


That was incredibly interesting, thanks for the story.

I wonder if there is always thought to what could have been. Imagining the different path.

I will never think that I know what it is like to be adopted and it’s interesting to find out how adoptees think about their adoptive and birth parents.

The transracial aspect is especially interesting, I personally know more Asian adoptees by Caucasian parents. And with more realization of anti Asian sentiments, it’s something I definitely think about.


I liked the episode, for many reasons mentioned above. I’ll add that I also liked the scenes with Toby/Madison and the music school. The young vocalist/actress did a nice job.

So many on this thread didn’t like him early on, and I never understood that.” - Although I didn’t dislike Miguel, I think part of me unconsciously resented the fact that his presence in the story interrupted the vibe of the Rebecca/Jack romance (flashbacks of their good times, though of course there were bad times too… not shown as much in recent seasons). It was sweet that Miguel seemed to understand his status, never objected to her continuing to wear the Jack-necklace.

I only wish they would tell Miguel’s back story…every other side character has had their story shown. What happened with his 1st marriage? They went from happily married to divorced with little explaination. Did he ever reconnect with his kids? What about his relationship with Rebecca — how did that develop. We know they met on Facebook and married 13 years later, but what happened during that time and how did that play with the " big 3" — remember early on Kevin didn’t like Miguel. Questions, questions, questions…


I think maybe we will hear more about this yet.


I seem to remember a holiday dinner with Miguel’s children,and they were not kind to Rebecca. It would be interesting to learn more.

Yes i have seen it. This is amazing and interesting story. Can you please share some other Series similar to this.

See this thread: Binge watched tv shows - #4957 by smdur1970

This episode was certainly emotional!

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Well, that just sucks. As does the 4 week break until the next new episode.


Plus this season will have 16 episodes rather than 18. Not clear if next season will have 2 more than planned.

I hope we get some good clues about the future before the season is over.

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