This Is Us. Anyone watching?

I like that commercial – because that is my 21 year old son. I laughed so hard the first time I saw it.

Maybe implausible for you. Not for every family.

He was in Once and Again - think he was the main character’s (Sela Ward) first husband. He was also in Big Little Lies as Reese Witherspoons ex-husband (married to Zoe Kravitz’s character).

I kinda felt like this too but decided that maybe they just decided not to go down that rabbit hole/story line. (I think I did that just to placate myself :smile: .)

There is a lot of stuff in the show that is not plausible. One of the small things that I always remembered was the very large house Beth and Randall had - but it apparently only had 3 bedroom (the girls had to share a bedroom when William was there). But maybe bedrooms 4 and 5 were a home gym and an office :smile:

I love Nicky - he has become one of my favorites! Beth…what a treasure!


This is going to be a sad episode based on Jack’s flashback at the beginning. Not sure I can watch that.

What did future Jack say about the accident involving the Big Green Egg? I didn’t hear it. He said that it was a hell of a first memory, and she said that it almost hurt his perfect face or something like that, but I didn’t hear what the memory was. There was a sentence in there that I missed.

I didn’t love this episode. The Deja storyline was the best, and her mic drop moment … we did a supa hot fire thing in our living room. Hoping people get that reference. lol

Future Jack said something about whatever happened with the Big Green Egg was what blew up his parents marriage.

This episode reinforced my opinion of Beth. She’s the most bad*** character of the bunch. I loved how she had Randall drink the wine and told him mid-gulp that she would be putting Deja on birth control.


Maybe it was the phrase “blew up” that I missed.

I think the phrase “blew up” has 2 meanings: I suspect something blew when he put something on the green egg as a kid (hence the scar on his hairline and the multiple comments to almost ruining his beautiful face and also the PTSD/flashbacks he was having when putting the steaks on the grill as an adult, and what a house he has!!) and that whatever happened with the green egg when he was a kid was probably the final straw that blew up Toby and Kate’s marriage. Its obvious in this episode that their marriage is rocky, and getting the green egg was Toby’s idea. Also the theme running through this episode was the mistakes parents make (mostly the dads- Jack and Toby) and the things they missed (Kevin, Randall, Jack and Toby).

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Family has problems with cooking devices.


No. Only the men. :rofl::rofl:


I’m going to have to watch this one again. I missed a lot.

Jack got a call that his mom died.

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I do have an issue with the way the show tends to make Beth/Randall seem almost too “perfect” in their parenting. Given that Deja is 15/16 and Malek is 18/19 - their sexual relationship could be considered statutory rape. Also, it is implied that he took her to a party where they were drinking alcohol before they had sex. At least that was the implication I got from the episode. However - since he is at Harvard & she “loves” him - that somehow makes it OK? They present Malek as mature beyond his age, but if that was the case - he should have checked with her parents if it was OK for her to visit & get permission first, especially given that prior episodes show he has a good relationship with Randall.
I also didn’t like how she talked back to Randall at the end - telling him that her not being able to see Malek would be a problem. Very disrespectful given that she was caught lying, traveling out of state without permission, underage drinking ect.
I don’t like how the show made it seem like this is behavior that the parents just should “accept” because - well “love”


Surely it won’t be as “clean” as that.

I decided that even after the show ends we need Beth and Randall to keep on keeping on SOMEHOW… Beth handles one liners like a QUEEN. “She ain’t getting this phone back until they come out with like the iPhone 30” :laughing:

Deja is a junior. She could be 16/17. Malik is two years older. I don’t think that is that unusual. Sure she shouldn’t have went, sure they shouldn’t have been drinking…I’m guessing oodles of parents on CC have had drinking incidents with their juniors and seniors in high school .

I still adore Toby and still think Kate is a bit much. Toby messes up nap time one day - you’d think it was a lifetime mistake!

And this is my own personal gripe but Madison annoys me!


Who doesn’t have Life 360 or something like that on a phone of a 16/17 year old who is traveling alone to another state? Even if she was visiting a friend they would want to make sure she is safe.

I hate when the first scene implies some awful thing is going to happen. I kept waiting for some terrible accident to happen the entire time.

It will. Just not this episode.

Could just call that episode “Dad’s suck.”