This is why you need to love your school, not just your sport

<p>DS is college sophomore in a fall sport that has a short spring training season as well. Freshman year, practices started a week before classes; a couple of days in, he has a health issue that prevents him from making the varsity squad. Does great in spring training season, but . . . has academic issues and is on academic probation for the fall season of sophomore year. Improves the academic situation, is informed by the coach that he will be moved to a starting position on varsity, excited for the new challenge, ready to start spring training . . . but six weeks before spring session starts, he tears his ACL and meniscus. :(( Surgery in the next couple of weeks. If he is very lucky, he may be cleared toward the end of next fall's season.</p>

<p>But, while the sport has not been what we had planned on so far, he loves his school and we still believe he made the right choice in that regard. Now if we can just get him on the field! </p>

<p>It's a lesson for all athletes.</p>

<p>Great point!</p>

<p>I know of an athlete who got an injury in the fros yr...and has been in a rehab situation spring soph yr...the coaches and MDs are hoping the athlete can participate.</p>

<p>In this student's case, the scholarship $ is protected so even if the kid never plays again, the $ support is there.</p>

<p>I have always said to my D who is a swimmer-- Would you want to be at xxxx if you blew out your shoulder? It made her change her mind when it came to prep schools and colleges. We know too many kids who either get injured or have burned out on the sport/team but are stuck... how horrible is that?</p>

<p>She loves where she is including her sport, not merely because of her sport.</p>

<p>DS' post-surgery recovery and rehab has been great; he has worked with the athletic trainer a few times over the past six weeks. Next visit with the surgeon is early September, with fingers crossed to be cleared soon for this fall's season. However, the trainer and the surgeon consulted last week (the surgeon treats many of the athletes at the school, so this was an on-campus, pre-fall meeting for all fall athletes). Their decision is for him to take a medical redshirt this fall . . . :( It would leave him a full season of eligibility, but that season would be after he graduates. So, he would either need to add some courses to attend an extra semester or go to a graduate school in order. Just a big bummer!! </p>

<p>So, to repeat: love the school, not just the sport!</p>

<p>Best advice ever for any student-athlete that wants to play in college. Oh, and for some of the parents too!</p>