This made my day...

<p>^ you're one to talk about not making sense.
what the hell does "Why don't you hop off like a rabbit back to the fence and stop actually smelling the pollen of flowers? I know you like them alot, but your obessesion shows no intrigue. " even mean?
are you high? calm down. you seem wired up easily. chill.</p>

<p>God damn, I need a job.</p>

Some people are just too funny to be even taken serious.


And then you complain about other peoples grammar.</p>

<p>^ And then we need another person like you to come over and continue a conversation when it's over? Just stop.</p>

<p>Continuing a conversation? Nah, I'm just loling at grammar Nazis who fail at grammar.</p>


<p>I should probably attempt to obtain a job as well.</p>

<p>YEAHH! I feel so special :] Thanks you guys.</p>

<p>Just be persistent, you guys. Just call them up, go up to them, be crazy about it...and be nice.
These people ARE A LOT better to hang out with than stuck up high school students.</p>