this may help some UC hopefuls

<p>since i came here last year looking for advice etc, i thought i would give back (if you can call it that)</p>

<p>Background: im an 18 year old male, half peruvian, half white. i attend an average public high school in san jose, ca.</p>

4.1 UC GPA
3.7 unweighted
1360 SATI
730 (Math I) 710 (Bio) and 660 (writing)
several extra curriculars
Captain of Water Polo team
Captain of Swim Team
CSF member
key club member
link crew, blah blah, the usual ****. nothing really extra ordinary</p>

<p>I beleive i had essays that were between great and just good. again, nothing spectacular.</p>

<p>My declared major at all schools was bio or something bio related (like bio chem)</p>

<p>this is where i got accepted and rejected</p>

<p>Stanford - rejected
Cal Poly SLO - accepted
UC Davis
UC Irvine
UC Santa Barbara
UC San Diego
UC Los Angeles
UC Berkeley
i was accepted to all UCs i applied to.</p>

<p>so, this may brighten some of your spriits to know that you dont have to get a 1400 or 4.5 to get into somehwere decent! any questions? just ask.</p>

<p>dont forget, u were captain of whatever you wanted to be. and half peruvian</p>

<p>the 1/2 peruvian wouldnt have mattered tho in less he had "troubled circumstances" that accompanied it, right?</p>

<p>yes, i may have been captain but i know that there are many kids that are captains of any sort of team. </p>

<p>i look 100% white.</p>

<p>You're also from Cali, that always helps with UCs...</p>

<p>First of all, Congratualtions! What school are you going to? Well your GPA and Sat II Scores are high, and your sat scores are above the avg for all of the UC's you applied i just wish i have the same outcome as you did...</p>

<p>im stuck between UCLA and Berkeley but i think i might end up at berkeley.</p>

<p>hi! it's so great that someone is offering advice, instead of me always posting a dozen threads. :) you got accepted into all UC schools? that's so great, congrats! my number one dream is to go to UCLA. however, i have only taken 1 honors class, and 3 APs so far. (i'm a junior.) i have around a 4.0 UC GPA, decent ECs, minor leadership positions, and i'm pretty sure i can get good SAT, SAT II scores. but nothing in my app really stands out. and i know there are sooo many people who apply who are going to have 6-7 AP classes by junior year, so i dont know if i have a many honors/APs did you take, and do you have any advice for me? thanks!</p>

<p>dont worry. i didnt take my first AP classes till junior year as well. I took calc, bio, and psychology junior year and im taking stats, physics, and literature this year.
honestly, i dont think anything on my app stood out as well. just be honest, write well, and you should do well.</p>

<p>UCLA was my dream school as well but after Cal Day it is very hard for me to decide between Cal and UCLA!</p>