This might get ugly. Hopefully UA will handle it right

<p>Apparently some were able to log into room selection even after Housing posted that is was shut down for the night and through tomorrow. </p>

<p>Now you have people selecting rooms who had start times later than others who weren’t able to pick a room. Not fair at all to those who had the first selection hour and weren’t able to get through.</p>

<p>I think UA might have to cancel all selections that were made tonight and have a complete re-do when they get the issue fixed.</p>

<p>And I say this even though my son was able to get through and get the room he wanted. But fair is fair.</p>

<p>Many people might not have realized that the system was being shut down, so they just kept trying, and a few happened to get through.</p>

<p>I wouldn't have known about the shutdown if I hadn't checked CC. I had never dealt with Alabama's room selection before, and I assumed it was always this difficult.</p>

<p>Yeah I wasn't aware of how big the problem was either until I logged on here. Like i said, we had problems for the first 30 minutes but we finally got all the way through and son got what he wanted.</p>

<p>With people who had selection times logging on after 8'oclock though and getting rooms. Certainly isn't fair to those who had 1st hour selection and couldn't get through and stopped trying because Housing told them it was canceled for the rest of the night.</p>

<p>It's gonna be a mess to figure out but hopefully they'll come up with a plan to make it right.</p>

<p>That would be odd if they make those who got rooms do a "re-do."</p>