this might get very interesting..

<p>hey! i am kinda new in this forum.
however, i found that every time there is a "my chance" thread it tends to get very interesting. so i might well start one too. i promise that i will not lie about my EC and scores.what's the possibility that i will get into MIT? please be honest with me as i am with you. also please note i have been defered in Early Action. however they say that they will admit "up to 25%" of the defered. though i wonder what does the "up to" exactly mean. okie. here are my stats. i know they are not great.but i have "special" :confused:<em>if they are still considered special, which i doubt</em> circumstance: i came to U.S. 4 years ago and could speak only "hello", stayed in English language development program for one semester and asked to go to regular classes. now i am in AP english. we go: </p>

<p>SAT: 1420 (750M 670V) <em>i know it's low, but actually i was pretty satisfied.</em>:p
SAT II: Math IIC: 800 Chemistry 800; writing 640 <em>took writing twice and got the same score, ach~</em>
APs: Chem 5 physics B 5 Biology 5 statistics5<em>all taken at the same year</em> (my junior year)
APs to be taken: political science <em>i know that's not the formal name for it, but in our school that's what the class is called</em>
Economics, European, Calc BC, AP english
major : chemical engineering <em>is it easier, harder, or the same to get in MIT than other majors?</em>
EC: little to none. constantly changing volunteer places. though i was involved in my church's youth group for 3 years. worked 15 hours per week in my senior year.
took 2 chemistry classes at University of California, Irvine, got A+s
reco. letter: supposedly pretty mediocere. unless some magic happens
personal statement: okie if not at all boring..
totally fall in love with MIT.
oh, GPA=should be above 3.85 for unweighted. took most challenging classes <em>except some art history classes which i have no interest in anyway</em>
rank: don't know.</p>

<p>also, should i let my counselor do anything to help me getting in regular decision? if so, what? suggestions please. thank you all.
ye, i know i am quite crazy to want to go to MIT. but .........can't help.........</p>

<p>are you a senior?</p>

<p>yes. i am a senior. sorry i forgot to say it in my post..</p>

<p>ha, no probl</p>

<p>well, You admitted to having little to none EC's, but I'm sure you have some hobbies or something that you do.</p>

<p>i wonder the "no probl" stands for "no problem" or "no probability." if that's the latter. thank you for preparing me for the rejection letter. ^^</p>

<p>well, like i said in my post, i was involved in church activities. but i HATE to say "i participate b/c i wana improve my leadership ability or like that."plus, i do volunteerings. like 2 hours a week. i guess that doesn't help.</p>

<p>You talked about how you came here four years ago and could only say "hello," and that you doubted it was a special circumstance. I hope that it is, so that maybe you can have a better chance, but from what I know, it's fairly common where I live. In fact, several of my friends are like that too. They came here four years ago or less, and couldn't speak a single word of English. Now they're all in the most advanced english classes offered by my high school. Another one of my friends came here less than a year ago and told me that she only spoke her native language, which greatly surprised me because I couldn't detect anything wrong with her almost perfect English.</p>

<p>good luck! :)</p>

<p>SATs are a little on the low side, but that's on the verbal side, so mayb itll b ok for MIT? good APs, science focused i c. ECs will hurt you definetely, bc most ppl applying will have something like "math club" "science club/science olypmiad" or "chess" for sure. 4 years ago...hmmm I don't think that helps, bc MIT gets a lot of internat'l applicants who have lived in US for 0 years and they reject a lot of awesome ones, but internat'l students are prob chosen separately from US residents.
I think you have a semi-shot, bc this guy last year from my school got in with a 1420 and lower SAT IIs (but higher writing), he was valedictorian though, and he was hispanic...and in both math club and science olympiad, even though he didn't win any medals.
march will tell.
good luck!!!!!</p>

<p>I was going to bed but I need to respond to this:</p>

<p>"SATs are a little on the low side, but that's on the verbal side, so mayb itll b ok for MIT? good APs, science focused i c. ECs will hurt you definetely, bc most ppl applying will have something like "math club" "science club/science olypmiad" or "chess" for sure."</p>

<p>Actually, at MIT, a low verbal will hurt you deeply on most occasions (exceptions being if you are a math/science PRODIGY or if you are unfamiliar with the language -internationals). Nearly everyone who applies has a great math score - that won't make you stand out a bit.</p>

<p>It's a common misconception that because a school is strong in the maths and sciences, that they are LOOKING for kids who "focus" on such pursuits. The fact that "most" applicants would have chess/math/scienc clubs would precisely be the reason that they would NOT stand out in an applicant pool of 10,000 or so students. They are therefore worth nothing. Of course, if you love that stuff (or whatever you do), it will always shine through in your application. However, if you are looking to join science clubs or the math team to win favor with MIT, that's going to get you nothing.</p>

<p>Most of the people I have talked to who have gotten into MIT (early action, mind you) have many (or all) pursuits/interests that are unrelated to... well... really anything "MIT-ish". Sure, you must demonstrate that you can handle their maths and sciences (classes/grades/ap scores(?)) will do that for you. Most of all though, they're looking for people to contribute to the community - some quiet, some social, some computer geeks, some artists - kids with heart and passion who they believe will go somewhere in life.</p>

<p>thank you guys for all ur comments.really... thanks</p>