this site is killing my study habits

<p>i wish i could study as much as i have been on this site i would surely be a shoe in for 5s on all my ap tests.</p>

<p>lol I know
At least it kinda helps in some way..I know there is something we can benefit from coming to a crazed forum about college..</p>

<p>I never had good study habits...this is just the filler for me doing nothing. lol. I lack the motivation to pick up my prep books...I have 3 tests in 4 days (2 ap, 1 sat) and yet I cannot bring myself to study</p>

<p>i'm a ccwhore.... first step to solving problems are admitting them</p>

<p>because of this site, i know HOW to get into the Ivy League, but all the time on this site prevents me from doing what I need to do to have a chance. :)</p>

<p>Here's a solution: Get a Life.</p>

<p>Wait... </p>

<p>What am I talking about?</p>