This thread is just the same as all the others.

<p>Well, not really. Answer this and I'll give you a cookie.</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting into MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Rice with the following specs:</p>

<p>780 Math 790 Verbal SAT I
800 Math IIC, 800 Writing, 800 Physics SAT II
Class rank: 20/507</p>

President of Amateur Radio Club (w00t)
Treasurer of English Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta
NHS Member
Made honors band four years in a row</p>

Won the National Council of Teachers of English writing award
Selected as a Texas High School Aerospace Scholar (got an all expense-paid trip to NASA for a week)
Won a physics award from my high school physics department
Won 1st place UIL Headline Writing
Member of 2nd place regional UIL Computer Science team
...and some other minor stuff</p>

<p>I have an awesome recommendation from my English teacher (I mean, it's incredibly flattering) and I'll have a pretty good recommendation from my physics teacher (he likes me, but doesn't really know me personally).</p>

<p>I'm a good writer and I think I can make a pretty funny/creative college essay (or maybe not, because I have terrible writer's block).</p>

<p>Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Oh, and I got 5's on the Compsci, US History, and English APs. I'm taking AP Chem, Physics, Gov/Eco, and English this year.</p>

<p>lol...why r u asking us? u know with those scores and stats ur pretty much accepted anywhere u apply...especially at MIT. it seems like uve done really well in the sciences, so id be surprised if u were rejected by MIT. and rice is like a safety for u...good luck</p>

<p>You;ll certainly get into one.</p>

<p>Urm, one more thing- I made sure my recommendations mentioned projects that I did, because I know MIT loves projects- my counselor mentioned "a computer project * created independently as a study aid for students" and my English teacher mentioned that I started a "book a week" challenge for my friends, in which I read a classic or nonfiction every week for the whole summer.</p>

<p>Wow, you think that I have it down? I'm just scared because I was lazy in 8th (transfer credits), 9th, and the beginning of 10th grade. I'm afraid MIT will see that I got a B a semester in Geometry and Algebra II while As in everything else. I didn't used to be a math person.</p>

<p>you will get in!! good luck!!</p>

<p>Azneverfrost, why do you say "especially MIT?" Are they very test scores oriented?</p>

<p>I think you have an excellent shot at Stanford and Rice. MIT - a better shot than the overall 15% admit. Harvard - they are going to have to really see you - and why they should want you - in your essays and interview. </p>

<p>You need to get over your writer's block. It is your essays that will set you apart from the herd of applicants, especially at MIT and Harvard. Have you visited these schools, by the way? They are very different. I like Stanford for you because I think both the verbal and tech sides of you would florish. </p>

<p>Have you thought about Harvey Mudd?</p>

<p>I like MIT's atmosphere, just from what I've read. I live in Houston and it would be difficult to visit Boston or Sacremento. I'm thinking I'll visit them if I get accepted- I won't have to write new essays, so it's at least worth a try. I think I can get into Rice. I just visited them, and I really like the atmosphere, except it's incredibly drunken. Rice is really lax about alcohol. That's all they do.</p>

<p>Azneverfrost, MIT frequently rejects people just like UncleFeezus. Seeing as you don't even have the presence of mind to speak English in your response, I recommend that you don't even respond, because you didn't even give any helpful advice. Anyways, UncleFeezus, I agree with ohio_mom, you definitely need to have some exceptional essays. Believe it or not, the SAT scores really aren't the alpha and the omega of college admission. Most colleges evaluate you on your personality and character as well as academia, and it's your essays that will show them what you're all about. I also agree that you should consider Harvey Mudd, it's a really great school as well. Another thing that would be nice to see is Community Service hours. They're a good thing to have in any situation, they let people know that you care about other people. You do have a pretty good chance, but don't get slack in any way, make sure your essays are good and make sure you make impeccable impressions on everyone that could affect whether or not you get in. Other than that, good luck!</p>

<p>nice stats, but it's "different from," never "different than"... game over man, that error just ruined your chances of going to college</p>

<p>jk obviously... you're god</p>

<p>I have about 25 community service hours through National Honor Society. Do you think that it would be worth mentioning on my resume, or should I omit it (it's a pretty weak number of hours)?</p>

<p>bump, but not grind.</p>

<p>Hey your pretty similar to me...also in Texas and do UIL. The season is starting woo hoo! Except I stick to math and computer science rather than writing. I wish I could go to regionals for the team computer science competition so I can actually CODE! but alas I am the only person in my school interested enough to compete. Do you do any other UIL? Number Sense? Math? Calculator? Have you done TCEA? ACSL? USACO? any other acronym?</p>

<p>Nope, I do Computer Science, Headline Writing, Spelling, and Ready Writing. I rarely practice for Mu Alpha Theta, so my coach wouldn't let me do competitive math and science. I do TMSCA as well.</p>

<p>Actually I do know how to speak English but I like to type colloquially because it saves time. I guess my saying "Espescially MIT" came out wrong. I meant to say that because your sciences are so good, you will have a much better chance than the normal people who apply there. Most people aren't Aerospace scholars and even more don't have the standarized testing scores like you do. </p>

<p>And sholtar, this forum is for "What Are My Chances?" I responded, saying that I thought he had a good chance everywhere. Besides, your advice was really, really, helpful. "Have community service hours...and make sure you have a great essay." What else is new?</p>

<p>I like the "you're god" typo.</p>

<p>If you are willing to make yourself appear as an idiot to save a few minutes, I feel truly sorry for you. And, apparently my advice was quite helpful, as the next post by UncleFeezus was entitled "really?" In addition, I'd advise you not to use quotation marks unless you're actually quoting people, as you misrepresented what I said. And UncleFeezus, that is a pretty paltry amount, and whether or not you should mention it is kind of a toss-up. If possible, try to get more hours in. Other than that it's kind of up to you whether you make note of it or not.</p>

<p>The purpose of this forum is to give other people advice, not slander those that you don't like. There is no need for animosity on a forum dedicated to helping people get into college. However, sholtar, I will have to agree with you on the fact that Azneverfrost's post was unconstructive. I just don't believe it was necessary to attack him on a personal level.</p>

<p>Uncle Feezus, the truth is that there will be about 1000 people applying to MIT that have close to the same test scores as you. Because your community service is weak you will probably have to write an excellent essay. However, I doubt this will be a problem for you considering your writing ability. Never assume that you will have guaranteed admission to a top tier college.</p>

<p>Just to be sure, I was just kidding about the "you're god" post.</p>