This upcoming fall, how many people in each of your classes do you already know?

<p>This upcoming quarter/semester, how many people in each of your classes do you already know are going to be taking each one with you?</p>

<p>Class 1. # you know /# enrolled
Class 2. " " "
Class 3. " " "

<p>Well considering I'll be transferring to a new school in fall, I won't actually know anyone there. I did run into someone here on CC who I found out is going to be in the same math class as I am, though.</p>

<p>Methods of Instrumental Analysis: 14/19
Polymer Physics: 1/11
Honors Thesis: doesn't matter since there are no class meetings and, being a thesis, any work is completely independent
Linear Algebra: There's no one I know specifically, but 5/37 were in my Bridge to Abstract Mathematics class in the summer.</p>

<p>My last class is pending the results of my placement test for Latin. It will either be Beginning Latin 1 or Intermediate Latin (if I place into it), or either Modern Physics or Essentials of Statistics (if I place into Beginning Latin 2 or Intermediate Latin 2, both of which are only offered in the spring) but of course I don't have access to any of the class rosters yet.</p>

<p>econ classes - none
linguistics - 1/300 or so</p>

<p>Genetics -- 0/192
Criminology -- 0/200
Science of Nutrition -- 1/720
Global Inequality -- 0/150</p>

<p>since a bunch of my friends were all in my room trying to coordinate schedules with each other I'm pretty sure I have a friend in all 4 classes this semester :p whether or not they'll actually be going to class is another thing...</p>

<p>0, I'm an incoming freshie =p</p>

<p>I'm a freshman, so I really don't know anybody in my classes. I don't even know what all my classes are yet, we finish picking them Thursday throughout this orientation week. I sort of 'know' one person in one class, who emailed me to say "hi" to the new freshman in the class, but that's only through email, so I haven't met anybody in person, but as I get to know people throughout the week, some might end up being in some classes and then I'll know some before classes actually start on Monday. SO for that one class, you could sort of say I half-ways know 1/8 people.</p>

<p>I know two people in my criminal law class, one or two (I think) in my economics class, one in my accounting class.</p>

<p>organometallic: 5/30 (probably low end, only an estimate. I'm assuming many people from frosh orgo. will take b/c it's the same prof. Probably many of the students who I mentored in SI)
Cell biology: 2/60 (likely an underestimate. 2 good friends taking it for sure, maybe 3)
Evolutionary Biology: 1/60 (probably more, but the only one I know taking it right now is one of my apt. mates and friends)
Pchem: 5/45 (likely underestimate)</p>

<p>What is all of this good for? Study groups!! I already have groups planned in advance for Pchem and Cell biology. Organometallic will hopefully just form organically.</p>

<p>andreaaaaaa: A 700+ person class? That's intense. Is it in 1 auditorium?</p>

<p>Out of the four classes I'm taking I'll only know one person from one class and that's just because it's my husband :P</p>

<p>But seriously, I'm sure that I'll get to know people pretty fast...whether or not we "sync" is another matter entirely.</p>

<p>Because EE's are a pretty small group chances are I'll recognize 75% of the people in my classes. Realistically I talk to just about no one though.</p>

<p>taking orgo, a bunch of chemE classes, and an anthro elective.</p>

<p>orgo - like a third of my friends
chemE - only the handful of people i know in my chemE class
anthro - at least one</p>

<p>Out of the three classes that aren't online: </p>

<p>Biocultural Revolution: 0/245
New Horizons in Biotechnology: 0/47
Language and Culture: 21/21 probably... including my boyfriend, roommate, and about 5 close friends lol.</p>

<p>Online classes I really don't care about, but I doubt I'd know any in either (Physics and Intro to Public Health).</p>

<p>I don't know how many people are enrolled in my classes, but I'm only taking one class with someone I know. I don't really care about knowing people in my classes, since it makes it easier to focus if I don't.</p>


andreaaaaaa: A 700+ person class? That's intense. Is it in 1 auditorium?


<p>Yes, it's in a big auditorium with a balcony. It's big but I like big classes</p>

<p>I hate it lol. I like student faculty interaction/socratic method (having a prof. that learns your name, helps a lot, and tracks progress can go a long way). However, sometimes larger classes are much easier as the profs. often limit themselves to a simpler test format. However, I like being challenged and thus that is non-ideal for me (and is ideal for most/many. They don't have to worry about being put on spot in class or a particularly challenging exam format. Much more relaxed, go at your own pace environment).</p>

<p>In one of my classes over the summer, the professor not only knew everyone's names, but invited everyone over to his house for a potluck dinner after the class was over and expected us to know everyone else's name as well- to the point of making half of our final be everyone stands up one by one and you write down their name. The class only had about 50 people, though.</p>

<p>Most of my classes are small now that I'm getting into senior level classes that only people specifically doing the chemistry B.S. program take (it's a small group since pre-meds shy away from it for fear of pchem, and go for the biochem BA or the biomedical sciences BS instead).</p>

<p>Haha Chandi: A similar thing happens (with Pchem) at Emory (and the dinner thing has happened to me 3-4 times between frosh and sophomore year alone). However, admittedly what's different is the experience of intro. and sophomore level courses. A surprising amount of professors learn all names in 50-200 person classes. For example, one organic chem. prof. w/90-100 in each of 2 sections, learns all the names. The other good prof. learns the names in his frosh section (50-70), the section he co-teaches w/a famous prof. (about 35-45), and any sophomore (he dislikes teaching sophomores and upperclassmen and makes it easier than the frosh class, but still cares for them I guess) section he teaches (75-90). General biology sections (50-92) also learn most names. Same happened in my psychobiology class (hard as hell) w/about 110 students. I have no idea how they do it. So glad they try so hard though to make a larger lecture more personal. Now most of the profs. in the math and physics dept. Even though they have smaller classes than the "pre-medish" subjects, they don't even give a crap whatsoever (which probably explains why they don't get many majors). They seriously have grad. students teach calc. 1/2 (except life sciences which is where pre-meds as normal, get special privilege), something generally deemed as unacceptable here. </p>

<p>Anyway, I'm doing a BS in both chem and biology (something most pre-meds dare not do), but I'm not pre-med. I took biophysics (this was a funny experience, within the first week, 1/2 of the class, all pre-med, was gone. We were left w/5 graduate students and 5 undergraduates) already which seems way worse than the crap I'll experience in Pchem and then I also took a grad. level bio-organic course, so I've been through my share of hell.</p>

<p>None. Nada. Zilch.</p>