Those Accepted OOS

<p>Hey guys!</p>

<p>First off, I want to say Congrats on your success thus far of getting accepted! Georgia Tech is truly a school to be proud of being accepted into.</p>

<p>Big thing on my mind, as well as some of you:</p>

<p>If you decided to enroll, which OMG I SO WOULD RIGHT NOW, how on Earth (Unless your family is that 1%) do you plan on paying for the school?</p>

<p>As a person whose family earns ~35K by one parent, GaTech is pretty high up there to pay for. Yea, there is financial aid, but let's say I get that total price down to about $22K. Where would you, if you were in my shoes, get the money from? You'll say scholarships, but where? I'm the first person in my family to go to college and I have no clue where to go/look for for these things!</p>

<p>Thanks for reading and let's get some helpful conversations going!</p>

<p>Go on fastweb and start applying for scholarships</p>

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<p>I don’t know how GATech does stuff, but would they not give you 100% aid with that family income?</p>

<p>I haven’t looked into it much, assume we qualify for $0 from them for need-based aid, keeping fingers Xed for D to get Provost. Ga Tech is a public university, which in general doesn’t have great financial aid for OOS. I just ran their NPC for OOS, $35K income, family of four and it estimates they’ll give $10,650 in grant aid, though the source of grants might be Fed/State/Institutional, not specified and remaining cost for student is over $27K/year. If you run it for instate, they give you $16,600 grants and net cost to student is just a bit over $3,000 a year because of not paying OOS tuition. Does state of Georgia give grants to students? Maybe that is source of extra $6,000.</p>

<p>@007 Had GaTech been a Private Institution I would get a pretty good F.A package. Though, I am out of state and GaTech is a public institute. </p>

<p>I would need $27K/year, as @Celeste mentioned</p>

<p>Fra, I’m in the same boat with you for GTech. Basically it comes down to PSP if I’m going to attend, and it’s a long shot.</p>

<p>I’m trying to get a list of scholarships for Hispanics from GaTech</p>

<p>Trying to see if it can all work out</p>

<p>FraNeighbor, my daughter is facing the same problem. My advice to her was to look for and apply to as many scholarships as possible. I’m sure I’ll get beat up on this one but loans aren’t the worst thing if you’re going to a quality school to earn an in demand degree with a starting salary of $50-60k. New laws put your payments at 10% of your expendable income after graduation for federal loans.</p>

<p>Also don’t overlook Co-ops and internships. They told us some of their co-ops pay $30 an hour and you’ll have a chance to build a relationship with a company. Anything worth having is worth working for.</p>

<p>[Georgia</a> Tech Alumni Association :: Available Scholarships](<a href=“]Georgia”> check out this page for scholarships. This won’t get all of GT paid for, but every little bit counts. I personally only qualify for the alumni network scholarship, but you may qualify for more.</p>

<p>^ thanks for the link. We are in state and my son doesn’t qualify for the Alumni Geographic Network but he does for the Corporate Network and I know he wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t posted the link.:)Thank you and Good luck!</p>