Those at Georgetown and others: Do I stand a chance?

<p>I'm currently a junior (class of 2006), interested to know if I'm going in the right track and have a chance at Georgetown...</p>

<p>GPA: 3.877 (Academic)/3.91 (Overall)/3.96 (UC)
- Freshmen Yr (4.0/4.0)
- Sophomore Yr (3.83/3.67)
SAT: Around 2100+/2400 on the new SAT (roughly 1400+ on the old)
Classes: 3 AP's this year, 5 Honors so far -- Aiming for 5 or 6 AP's for senior year; so, roughly a total of about 9 AP's, 5 Honors.
School: Top 50 in the nation; Top in Northern California
Rank: School doesn't rank, but definitely top 10%</p>

Speech and Debate (9th - current)
Tae Kwon Doe (Age 10 - current)
Percussion (Age 10 - current)
Cycling/Cycling Team (9th - current)
Student Advisory Board for Congresswoman (Hopefully 12th)
Planning to start Politics Club (11th-12th) and serve as President
Community Service - About 200-300 hrs by time of applying</p>

- Speech and Debate: Excellence Award
- School: Principal's Letter of Commendation (9th)
- Karate: Black Belt
- (Probably) National Merit Commendation; (Maybe) Semifinalist</p>

<p>Thanks for the help in advance.</p>

<p>You're definetely doing a good job so far. Just make sure you keep good relationships with your teachers so that they give you great recommendations! Good luck!</p>

<p>It's pretty early to evaluate. Also, where are you getting your testing predictions?</p>

<p>All that being said, you are an exceptional candidate.</p>

<p>I'm basing these scores from the SATs I took during my freshman and sophomore years. I scored 1200 and 1400 -- and during the summer, I scored in the 2100 range at a Princeton Review course. Hopefully, the tests at Princeton Review are reflective of the real, new SAT in 2006.</p>

<p>Thanks to the two of you for your input.</p>

<p>Does anyone else have any comments? I'd appreciate them greatly. Thanks for the help in advance!</p>

<p>Georgetown is an amazing school. You have to do your best to have a shot. Last year they rejected 54% of applicants with 1600's so they care about other stuff than that. Look to have service in the community, and leadership qualifications. Remember, Georgetown is a jesuit school. They want smart kids but what they really want are leaders with proven moral upstanding. They are really embarassed about Bill Clinton being a graduate, so don't go near that.</p>

<p>If it helps, I'm from a Jesuit high school in California (top in West Coast). I know that from about the 25 applicants, 7 get in there w/ average GPA of 3.87 and SAT of 1400. Do you think it's my school's reputation that boosts us?</p>

<p>What can I do to improve my EC's also?</p>

<p>I really think that your community service is great. The politics club that you are starting is also a good thing; be sure to emphasize this in your app. If you rigth good essays, and make them very personal and persuasive, and again emphasize how much you want to go to Georgetown and why and you stand a good chance. Also, if your interested, there's a program called GYLC (Global Youth Leadership Conference) that you could go to which would show the adcom that your both interested in leadership and politics. Find out more at <a href=""&gt;;/a>. You'd need to get your guidance councellor to recommend you though. If you need more help, feel free to ask!</p>

<p>I really enjoy writing but didn't join my school's newspaper. I'm afraid that if I join now (11th grade), it'll be kind of pointless on my app since it doesn't show commitment. Should I go through with joining my school's newspaper, or...</p>

<p>I've heard people have become editors for online websites/magazines. 1) Does anyone know of any online websites/magazines looking for editors?, 2) Do you think this is a good idea?</p>

<p>I've done Tae Kwon Do since i was 10 also! What belt are you?</p>