Those That Were Accepted...

<p>could you please post your stats. also if you were denied or deferred ED please post your stats. i plan on applying to emory rd but i'm not sure of my chances.</p>



<p>SAT: 1970/2400 1310/1600
SAT II: US History 700, BIO 650, Latin-630
GPA: 3.7uw 4.0w
Rank: 15/100. Very competitive private school. 2 people already accepted to Stanford.
APs: English lang-4, US-4, Chem-3, Bio, English lit,
Course load: All courses either AP or honors. took at least four of every subject (eng, math, science(5), history, latin)</p>

<p>EC: Policy Debate 3 years (captain and founder) did well at nationals and state level comps, Orchestra (viola)-first chair for four years, chamber orchestra (same stats), Activist club (founder and president), literary team - argumentative essay, BETA club-tutor for elementary school(top five club in the nation), NHS, NSHHS, good bit of volunteer work.</p>

<p>Awards: Many class awards for individual subjects (H Latin III, Speech, etc).</p>

<p>Recs: Very good recs(2). The first was from a teacher i had for four years and he is also an alumnus, the second was from my debate coach/english teacher. both were very personal. Counselor is new this year but it was probably fine and she liked me.
Essays: very good i think. some of my best work. they were unique and show my drive to succeed.</p>

<p>Extras: i showed alot of interest in the school. i did visits and talked to students. i have a friend who works at emory and she put a good word in for me. i also had contact with the debate coach and other faculty members.</p>

<p>I'M GOING TO EMORY!!!</p>


<p>Ed1 Applicant
Sat: 1400/1600
710 M, 690 V</p>

<p>Total Of 6 High School Ap's
5 During Senior Year
1 During Junior (4 On Environmental)</p>

<p>All Rest Honors Courses
Ranked Top 6-7% Out Of A Class Of Over 850</p>

<p>Public School + Magnet, Offers 23 Ap's, Over 90% Attend Some Kind Of College (2 Or 4 Year)... Highly Ranked Within Public Schools</p>

<p>Really Good Ec's...really Good Essays</p>

<p>Oh, And Hispanic</p>

SAT I- Math-800 Verbal-770 Writing-630
SAT II- Math IIC-770 Physics- 780 Chem-780
AP:3 JUnior Year, 3 Senior Year
Calc AB-5, Chem-5, Micro Econ-5
Ranked 5% ish in class at good private school
Co-President INvestment Club
Good Essay, Good Recs</p>

<p>Dad Works there(free tuition for the win)</p>

<p>V-660 M-660, W-760)12 Essay)
Manhattan Private School
3.6 gpa neighborhood
3.88 1st quarter</p>

<p>11TH- AP EURO-4
Spanish II as well
Editor in Chief of School Newspaper
Co-Director of Admissions Touring Club at my School
Tutoring Students since 9th grade
Intern at School at Columbia University this summer
Columnist for "School Sports" Magazine, nationally syndicated sports
magazine where I covered my schools athletic teams over last 2 years
(Won Metro Consistency Award)
Submitted a professionally put together portfolio of a sampling of my writings from School Sports Magazine and my School newspaper
Outside Recs from person I worked for at the Magazine and at "The School"</p>

<p>Looking forward to heading down to the "DIRTY DIRTY" </p>

<p>EMORY '10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Lemme see your stats. I think i can give you a pretty good read on things. Also dont worry about number of kids applying. 3/4 kids from my school got in early. Post!</p>

<p>Just one word of caution. There is a difference in acceptance rates between the ED and RD pool at Emory. ED acceptance is 60% and RD acceptance is 37%.</p>

<p>None of this means you won't get in. But it helps to be aware of the numbers involved.</p>

<p>What I don't know is whether the ED pool is "better", i.e. has people with higher stats, or Emory simply prefers the certainty of ED applicants.</p>

<p>Does anyone know about deferrals at Emory? Any chance to get in RD? Do they reject and defer or just defer? Thanks</p>

<p>you can get deferred through EDI. the three options are accepted, deferred, or rejected. hope you don't have to worry!</p>

SAT I- Math-710 Verbal-660
SAT II- Math IC-710 Bio- 610 Writing- 660
AP:3 Junior Year, 4 Senior Year
Bio- 4
Ranked 5% in class at a horrible public school
Good Essay, Great ECs</p>

<p>See.. this is hope for anyone who doesnt think theyre good enough xP And i was a white guy applying RD. No legacy.. just luck.</p>

<p>heugut (and anyone coming here), be sure to have a car! Or make friends with people with cars... you'll need it!</p>