Those with a 2100+ SAT Score!!

<p>I need your help. I need to know how you studied, what books you used, your score, and anything else you think will help. Thank you!</p>

<p>i went from a 1940 to a 2100 by just reading the blue book a couple of days before, not really any practice</p>

<p>2180 -> 2340 by practicing with the blue book for a couple weeks.</p>

<p>Damn, I have got to get this blue book pronto!</p>

<p>I got a cumulative 2110... but my math score is LOW so I must get it up. Any tips for that would be great, too :-)</p>

<p>what is this blue book everyone is talking about?</p>

<p>college boards official study guide = blue book</p>

<p>2060-2270: just for math, slow down if u make careless mistakes. breathe, know that you know you're stuff, and relax. meditate if you want. for english, don't overanalyze! be careful, but not crazy.</p>

<p>the best way to study is to take TONS of practice tests. i got a 1970 the first time and like 45 practice tests later got a 2140. also their is the SAT spark notes books that came out a while back that i absolutely loved and was very helpful. it is a red book im not sure when it came out but it is fantastic and i recommend it highly. im gonna take a class though to try and get it up above 2200</p>

<p>I only used the Blue Book for two weeks, studying on average about two hours a day. I ended up receiving a 2260. The Blue Book is honest to god the greatest thing you can use to study for the SAT. I did the first and second tests, skipped three, and went up to eight. Then I went back and did three since it was a real test and I felt it would predict my score the best. I got a 2260 on the last practice test I took. The practice test was uncannily accurate apparently. Trust me, the Blue Book works.</p>

<p>This thread is from over two years ago. o.O</p>

<p>^ I didn't even notice that when I posted on this.</p>