Thoughs on Getting a Job in Dining Services?

<p>Is it worth gettin a job in dining services? Im in FAR. is it fun workin with other peers like urself mainly? hows the work? im debating this cause i would have to go 2 days early than move in day</p>

<p>It's easy (though not as cushy as say desk clerk or library clerk,) hours are very flexible, pay is good, you get free meals, and a lot of time is spent chatting. If don't have any other jobs offers, I say take this one until you find one that relates more to your interests.</p>

<p>thanks! did you work in dining services? if so, what kind of work was it?</p>

<p>also, is it mandatory to arrive two days prior to move-in day? for all the registration stuff?</p>

<p>Yes, I worked there for a year. You are required to sign up for 4 shifts per week, though if you find subs, you could work less. In traditional dining halls like LAR, ISR, FAR, and Busey, positions are generally either dishwashing (really, just a quick spray down before they go through the washing machine), and refilling foods when they run out on the floor (hot foods, beverages, salads and such). Everyone chips in to clean up at the end of shift.</p>

<p>I find that the bigger/newer/fancier dining halls like PAR and Ikenberry Commons are generally more tedious because you tend to be isolated from your coworkers, tasks are more complicated, and cleaning is a bigger hassle.</p>

<p>I suppose it's not exactly mandatory to move in early for registration since they hire year round, but they like to do it so they can organize and train all the new workers at once. If you do not move in early, be aware that most of the ideal shifts will have been taken and you might be left with dining halls scattered around campus, working really late at night, or stuck scrubbing woks in the fire pit behind Sky Garden at PAR.</p>

<p>thanks for the fast response(s)!</p>

<p>since i will be living at FAR, and i plan on moving in two days earlier, can i expect to be hired to work in FAR?</p>

<p>Yes, you generally get to choose which dining hall you want to work in unless you're picky about when you work or if the shifts they have left don't work into your class schedule. If that's the case, just take what shifts you can at FAR and make up the rest of them at another dining hall.</p>