Thoughts about AU Theatre Major

<p>I’ve posted on the AU site and the general Musical theatre site with no responses thus far. I just realized American has it’s own site in the MT forum, so maybe this is the place to post.
Anyway… My son is planning to pursue a BA in theater with perhaps a double major in communications. American is on his short list and I would love input , (strengths and weaknesses eg) regarding AU’s program, social life, etc. Thanks!</p>

<p>My d will be attending AU this fall as a freshman Musical Theatre major. I can't give you a whole lot of details about the program but I can tell you why she chose AU. She auditioned for 7 BFA and BA programs (and 3 non-audition BA) and was accepted to 2 BFA, one audition BA (AU) and two non-audition BA. According to her, she chose AU because:</p>

<li>The faculty were very warm and encouraging. They were the only school that offered her written feedback from her audition (the good and the bad).</li>
<li>She liked the flexibility of the BA program. Due to AP credits, she only has to take 6 gen ed classes, plus one semester of math and 2 semesters of college writing. The rest of her credits can be used for more theatre classes (48 hours required) or a double major (she's thinking dance or history or both). She plans on taking voice and dance every semester.</li>
<li>Freshmen are allowed to audition for shows starting in spring semester. There is a freshman showcase during the fall semester.</li>
<li>She loves DC and feels there will be lots of professional internship possibilities.</li>
<li>The campus is gorgeous and small enough to walk across in 5 minutes (15 minutes to the theatre from her dorm).</li>

<p>More than anything, I think she wanted a broad-based liberal arts education because she went to a performing arts magnet high school. After 4 years of doing theatre and music 24/7 - she's ready to try some new things and make friends outside of her major. </p>

<p>Of course, this is all prior to her actually attending. I will post an update of her experience later this fall.</p>

<p>Ok, quick update. D is just 2 weeks into the semester and loving it. Loves her professors. Taking 2 theatre classes (Plays and Principles gen ed and stagecraft), dance, voice lesson, sociology and college writing. She is considering dropping the writing class (she technically placed out of it through AP credits). I still think it would improve her writing -she doesn't think she needs it. She is in the Theatre University College, which is a living-learning community. They volunteered at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre and the Roundhouse (?) Theatre during welcome week and have already attended one play "In the Next Room, the Vibrator Play." They have 2 trips planned to NYC this fall - one to see American Idiot and meet the cast (paid for by UC), the other is just for fun. All in all, having a ball!</p>

<p>To add to the above update, my D (an MT major) was selected for an opera workshop (auditioning with VP majors and upperclassmen) and is busy rehearsing for a freshmen showcase. She is preparing for another audition as well as planning to attend a Shakespeare play and the current production of Nine. For only a few weeks into her freshman year she is finding lots of opportunities. And of course she fits it all in around her regular classes (similar schedule to above!).</p>

<p>bhmomma: Yep, D is also in freshmen show. There is a nice article about it on the university home page today. D still reports great things about the program. Plenty of performance opportunities - voice, dance, and theatre. In addition to freshmen show, she is crewing for Nine and dancing for a student choreography performance. She is developing good relationships with faculty already. She loves her jazz teacher, he is former Alvin Ailey and D adores that style. And finding plenty of activities outside of MT - trips into the city, parties, campus ministry, etc.</p>

<p>Did your daughters do the one minute dance audition?</p>

<p>My daughter did not, but dance is not her strength. She is loving the ballet class she is in right now though!</p>