Thoughts on Adelphi's BFA Acting program?

<p>I am auditioning tomorrow, and it is my second to last audition. What are your thoughts on the quality of training. I've done intense research on the school, but it is always interesting to hear another's opinion. Although, it is not as widely know as many other schools, would you rank it as an up and coming program? Also, are auditions held in the performing arts center?</p>

<p>Good luck, Athena! I imagine you are there already. Definitely go to the PAC. My D is helping with auditions, and I'm sure they have things well-organized.</p>

<p>I can't tell you much about the on-site auditions because my D auditioned privately last year. She performed only for the head of the department, but I believe the official auditions are with a panel of the head and 2 other profs.</p>

<p>My D is a second semester freshman, and her training experience has been excellent. Specifics about the Adelphi program include:</p>

<p>1) They teach a "tool-box" approach, rather than focusing on one Acting method.</p>

<p>2) Freshmen are not allowed to audition for mainstage shows, to focus on learning their first year. There is a Freshman play in the fall, and there are student-run productions they can be in, so it is not a completely "dry" performing year.</p>

<p>3) All BFA students learn broad-based skills; we were told their goal is that a graduate will have multiple avenues to be employed in theatre, whether in Acting, Directing, Design, Stage Management, or other Tech.</p>

<p>4) The program is heavily reading- and writing-based. My D writes analytical and research papers in all of her classes, including Acting, Voice/Speech and Movement.</p>

<p>5) With around 20 students per class, the department is small and close-knit. No other students are allowed to audition for shows. My D has been extremely impressed with the shows they have presented this year - in the Acting, Directing, Design, and Tech. </p>

<p>6) She says her profs have been challenging and inspiring, and that she respects her peers immensely. The curriculum has been perfect for a dedicated, motivated student who has a broad interest in theatre. While some posters here have criticized that at Adelphi "you don't spend enough time on your feet" my D doesn't feel that is the only - or best - way to be trained in theatre. She is on her feet plenty, and reading, writing and talking plenty, too.</p>

<p>7) There is no MT program, and they very rarely put on musicals. However, there are excellent music and dance departments, and students often take classes. My D takes voice lessons. She also has an MT performance elective this semester, so while the focus is entirely on "straight" theatre, MT is very much respected and enjoyed. (In fact, there is a Broadway revue of some kind this weekend, as well as a play, if you want to check those out.)</p>

<p>8) There are Gen Eds at Adelphi that are fairly easy to complete (many of her friends used APs). You cannot double major, but some people do minor. For students who want a lot of intellectual rigor, there is an Honors College with a Great Books focus. My D is doing that program along with the BFA. There is also a strong media department at Adelphi, so there is interaction among the Acting students and the film/TV program.</p>

<p>9) The campus is in a quiet suburban area. There are malls and restaurants in the vicinity, but mostly only accessibly by car or campus shuttle. The train to NYC is 3 blocks from campus, and gets to Penn Station in 40 minutes. My D goes to the city pretty much every weekend and sometimes on a weekday afternoon. She has seen dozens of plays and shows, and this is a major part of her education. The program requires that the students see at least a few professional productions every semester, and they do help them find access to meaningful experiences.</p>

<p>10) The juniors study abroad for a semester in London (at LAMDA), in a coordinated program. Every senior completes his/her degree with a capstone project - in Acting, Directing, Writing, Design, etc. There is a senior showcase and a focus on helping them get work post-grad. They also are excellent at helping them find summer theatre internships.</p>

<p>I believe strongly that this program is not only a well-established program but an excellent one. I wouldn't call it up-and-coming; this BFA has been strong for decades. I believe it will become better known in the future - it is more of a "hidden gem."</p>

<p>Also, for a private University, Adelphi is committed to keeping its price fairly low (cost of attending - tuition and room/board - is in the mid-$30,000, and there are lots of scholarships, academic and talent-based). </p>

<p>The only downside we have encountered is that the campus is a bit of an island, and residential life is not hugely developed because many students commute or go home on weekends. There are quite a few good sports teams, and there is Greek life. Adelphi is building its residential resources all the time. The theatre kids are very busy and spend a lot of time together, though, and the combination of the program and access to the city pretty much counteracts any other deficits in campus living.</p>

<p>You may have a different impression after your audition, and some of these aspects might not appeal to you. Let us know how it went - positive and negative. These posts help all students who are coming up in future years.</p>

<p>Good luck today!</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your reply! I am now done with my Adelphi audition, but I truly did fall in love with the school! From what I have seen, I have NO idea why it is not more well known! Everyone there is extremely sweet, and the program seems perfect for me. Honestly, I was not expecting to love the school as much as I did. I had my heart set on one of the more "well known" schools, but after visiting I feel like an idiot for thinking that! I really hope I hear some good news from Adelphi!</p>

<p>Congratulations! I am thrilled you had a good experience, no matter what the results, but I really do hope you get accepted.</p>

<p>I asked my D if I could let you know who she was - she said to tell you she was the one in the striped knee-high socks. She really enjoyed the day and hoped it went well for everyone.</p>

<p>Oh, yes, I remember her! Everyone was just so nice and answered all of my questions. I had a bit of a dizzy spell during the group warm-up which was extremely embarrassing, but overall it was an amazing experience, and Adelphi is now on the top of my list.</p>