Thoughts on applying to CMU CS with a 33 math subscore?

Not a full chance me, just wondering if I should apply to Carnegie Mellon for CS RD.

I am female, have gotten all A’s in the most rigorous course load possible, have decent but not crazy EC’s, and have okay but not super inspiring essays.

My ACT is a 35 but my subscores are 36R, 36E, 33M, and 34S. I know this is a great score don’t get me wrong i’m very happy with it!! But I know for CMU CS it’s crazy and their 25th percentile is a 35 in math…should i bother applying with this score or will the 33 in math sort of take me out of the running?

Another problem is i’ve taken the ACT 4 times and I know that’s kind of a lot and CMU requires sending all scores…not sure if that will look bad or not.


You will only regret not trying. I don’t know the specifics of CMU, but I am a Mom. If you were my D, I’d say apply well because that is all you have control over. I like your ACT score a lot! Do not be ashamed you worked your tail off to keep improving.
Do you have any hooks? Just curious…

I say apply. You have taken the most rigor possible and have A’s. Your admissions rep will know your high school. Good luck!


You can apply test optional if you’re worried about the scores. Given their metrics, this might be a good choice

fwiw, the admitted student ACT-M 25th percentile is 36