Thoughts on Bucknell

Hi, I got off the Bucknell waitlist and had a few questions and was hoping someone could answer…

  1. Is it sort of like high school? Is it really clique-y? Are people friendly?
  2. I’m an average student, I know it’s a good school so are all the kids really smart?
  3. Is really worth it to go there? Is the education that good honestly compared to other bigger public universities?

Essentially I’m around 90% leaning towards a different big public university, but my parents told me to at least checkout Bucknell and I just wanted to make sure if I choose the other university I’m not missing out on something special here.

@nyjets12345678 - If you are interested in a big public university, Bucknell is probably not for you. It is a small private school in a rural location. The school is trying to increase diversity but it has been a slow process. The academic load is heavy but manageable. Classes are small so there is no place to hide. You have to go to class and you have to prepare for every class (including homework). But we also knowhow to have fun. i don’t think its like high school at all. I meet new people all the time and its easy to join new groups - not cliquey. But is not a good fit if you are interested in a state flagship school. I think academics would similar - its what you are willing to put into it.