Thoughts on Butler?

<p>My DD has recently expressed a strong interest in Butler. We are from out of the region so my knowledge of Butler is limited to their basketball program. Can anyone provide any insight on Butler? Academics, social life,etc? In my limited research I get the initial impression that it might be a very preppy type college. Any feedback appreciated!</p>

<p>Hello! I am just finishing my Freshmen year here and can definitley let you know about it. I am a history major here and am looking at adding peace and conflict studies. What is your daughter looking to study? The academics are great, that's for sure, but unless you're in the area, a relevant subject, or a big academic a lot of people only thinks about the basketball team, which sucks for people like me that really don't care about basketball. Socially almost everything revolves around the greek system, before rush about 35%-45% of campus is in a fraternity or sorority and it only goes up second semester. I am not personally not in a fraternity as of now but I will be next year. The greek life isn't like many other schools, greeks GPAs are higher and is much less stereotypical. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know!</p>

<p>@tcwest2012-Thanks for responding. My daughter is looking at majoring in Elementary Education. We heard that Butler has a good program. Can you tell me a little about the academic rigor of the college? Also, as far as Greek life, if a student decides not to join a sorority is there anything for them to do? We have been to many colleges where Greek life is so dominant that not joining means a lot of lonely time. Thanks for any feedback!</p>

<p>Elementary ed is a popular major here and very very good, I believe kids from our college of ed have had close to 100% job placement for a few years. I would say that, depending on major and classes you take, it is difficult but manageable. On campus many people like to talk down Ed, especially elementary ed, as less difficult than most majors but I couldn't tell you that for sure since I haven't been in any classes. My major classes have been difficult (writing intensive since I am a history major) but because it is whatI enjoy I wouldn't say it is completely overwhelming, the first semester is very difficult adjusting however. As for greek life, first semester will be fine as no freshmen can pledge until second semester and even then you can have fun. Just make sure you make a lot of friends! It can get boring as second semester most of the houses do not host independent students every weekend and if they do you must know a brother very well. Even though I plan to go greek, that is the biggest complaint I have is that I know people who were very tight first semester drift apart second semester because they spend all of their time with those in their pledge class, however it is still manageable and you can still have fun, especially if you are friends with brothers in the houses or know athletes with senior houses!</p>

<p>My daughter is heading off to Butler this fall. She is very excited. She chose Butler over several others because the staff is so helpful and friendly, and it seems very focused on academics. They stress involvement in student activities and organizations. While they are known nationally for basketball, they are quickly being recognized for their excellent academic programs.</p>

<p>Although I don't go to the college, I have toured it. Of course, Men's BBall is very strong here - but the state is known for it's Bball fanaticism. Campus is in a very nice, quaint section of Indianapolis with larger old, lovely homes and tree lined side streets. You are very close to the downtown area (NFL football stadium, hotels, large mall, etc.) Only about 30 mins. from airport & Indy 500 speedway which hosts ongoing activities throughout May. I believe campus is right on busline into downtown...smaller, very walkable campus. It is surrounded by upscale suburbs & a little grittier section of Indy (but not not as bad as many larger cities...) Greek life appeared very popular there and the school has a strong theatre/arts venue with many professionals coming in for concerts & shows throughout the year.</p>