Thoughts on Drexel Engineering?

Thanks for any input on Drexel Chemical Engineering. Was enormously impressed with the visit with another coming up. Also, its reputation isn’t consistent with it’s ranking (possibly providing evidence that rankings are meaningless).

Feel free if you can, too, to offer any comparison to Penn State, Cornell, Delaware, UVA and Tufts.
The two main factors, for now, are the Engineering Program itself and the overall undergrad experience.

Co-ops are a consideration, but one can probably do just as well (or almost as well) with a traditional internship anyway so not sure how overly important that is (although co-ops would be a positive so I guess it’s a thing).
Thanks again.

I am finishing my last year in Cheme and I would say it is worth it because of the Co-Op program, but it’s not easy. Because it’s an easier school to get into doesn’t make the program easy, but is 100% worth it if you want to go into industry right after college. It’s not the same as internships because companies know Drexel students and like them (as well as they’re 6 months versus a traditional 2-4 month internship). I Co-Oped in research and development at Johnson and Johnson, GSK, and Merck and know for a fact I beat out students at top 10 schools. When it comes to applying for jobs, rotational programs, and graduate school having an excellent resume I believe set me apart. Being able to go into a technical job interview and have had actual experience working equipment and in industry is extremely valuable. To compare, when I applied to college I was debating between Drexel, UCLA, and Cornell. I ultimately chose Drexel because at the time I thought I only wanted to go into industry and not pursue a higher degree. As life would have it I changed my mind and actually I have been offered spots into highly competitive (top 10) grad schools to pursue a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

Thanks. Really appreciated and all the best to you.