Thoughts on Foreign Travel

We are doing a group tour. I have been in and out of Italy quite a bit, but my friends want to do this specialized wine/food tour.


I have tickets to travel to the UK at the end of June and unless the US moves out of “amber” to the “green” countries list I’ll probably have to cancel. Currently, if I’m reading the regs correctly for ‘green’ countries, one needs a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of departure, and a negative test on day 2 after arrival. Then need a negative test to get back into the US. ‘Amber’ list countries need the same as green plus a 10 day quarantine which can be shortened (but still I think 5 days) by a test and release program. Non citizens from amber list countries have to quarantine in a hotel. Here’s the link I’ve been using.

I’ll be very sad if I can’t go - hoping to go to a ‘Celebration of Life’ for a dear friend who died in March, but even ‘green’ zone counties require quite a bit of organization and planning to meet requirements. ‘Amber’ would mean I’d travel home before I got out of quarantine!
I’ll keep you posted!

I don’t think that’s how that works. Your 1 in 20 (5%) assumes 100% transmission. The numbers I’ve seen is that the odds of a vaccinated person catching COVID are in the order of .003%. I believe it is 5% of the odds of an unvaccinated person catching COVID.

EDIT: I see that @BunsenBurner beat me to it–my apologies

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We just booked Scotland for 2 weeks in Sept. 2022. Have a trip to Canada this September that we are praying will run. We’ll see.

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i’m not in touch with anything australian, but having to quarantine two weeks while vaccinated seems really harsh. Is the elderly mother vaccinated? I’m glad they can see their mom - its probably been awhile. but that pricetag and waiting time is big, and seems unnecessary.

any other countries doing that?

I don’t think that’s correct, you can stay with a friend if they’ll have you. But you have to stay in a separate room and not go out at all. Even for exercise you are not allowed to go beyond the garden, for example you can’t walk the dog, and they send people round to check on you.

I don’t think your trip will work in June, the British papers are currently suggesting no quarantine-free travel for the fully vaccinated before about mid-July (UK schools finish then so there’s a lot of pressure to sort things out by that point).

Scotland (and maybe the UK in general) still has a quarantine requirement if you come from certain countries. They were slow to lockdown and restrict flights last year and now they’re even slower to ease restrictions this year.

Out of curiosity, how were the prices for your scotland trip? and any cancellation policies?

we are contemplating our first europe trip in 2022. My sis, DH & #4 kid. We each have chosen a country of interest to visit (I’m thinking scotland as that’ where my dad’s family is from). Can’t figure out if we should book now, or wait a bit. ??

New Zealand also has a 2 week quarantine in a hotel room assigned by the NZ government. It’s called MIQ for Managed Isolation and Quarantine. Only NZ citizens and residents are currently allowed to enter NZ along with people coming from Australia or the Cook Islands.

You need to pay for quarantine if you left and returned to NZ after mid-August or if you are staying in NZ for less than 180 days. The cost is about US$2500 for one person and about US$3200 if two people are sharing a room. The quarantine requirement applies to everyone, whether or not you have received the vaccination. Food is delivered to your room, and daily health checks are done. You need a negative Covid test before boarding your flight and two more tests during the time you are in quarantine.

This restriction might be lifted around the end of 2021 or early 2022 once vaccines have been rolled out throughout the whole population (age 12+ or age 16+). But there is no official date for lifting the Managed Quarantine restriction.

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Ah yes, I think you’re right about that. My head’s been spinning trying to sort out all the details and understand what has to be done, which covid tests are acceptable, where to find them (and cost) and how to be sure results will be processed in time. It’s still pretty doubtful whether the English internal gathering restrictions will be lifted so the whole thing may not be possible and have to be rescheduled anyway. Barely give it a 50/50 chance at this point but flights and hotels can be cancelled with no penalty so at least there’s that.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the lack of exemption from or lesser quarantine requirement for vaccinated people has to do with:

  1. Lack of vaccination records that are trustworthy (not easily forged, etc.).
  2. Vaccines available in other countries are not automatically assumed to be highly effective.

@vpa2019 , not sure if your comment was directed toward me or not, but the Scotland trip we booked is for NEXT September. If the world is still screwed up with COVID by then, we are all surely in BIG trouble for sure!

Ha ha! No another poster asked if any other countries, besides Australia and NZ, still had quarantines currently.

I’m not even hazarding a guess about 2022 lol :joy:

@bgbg4us 2022 is filling up very quickly re: travel. There is a backlog of 2020 and 2021 travel that has been rescheduled, in some cases, twice now. We booked because the itinerary we like was already showing some sold-out dates. We have a 12-day small group tour, with an extra day at each end (Glasgow, Edinburgh). Breakfast every day and 8 dinners. $3600 pp, plus $500 for the 2 extra days. When available we will book air with the tour company—we have found that they can usually get better rates than we can, and they’ll take care of airport transfers.


I have Australian family. Their rollout with AstraZenica and Pfizer seems to be just getting going. They have been extraordinarily careful.

There is a vaccination card clipped to the visor of our car. Two shots recorded, no name on the card. It is my mother’s, and she did a drive thru clinic both shots, and they just told her to fill it in herself, but she didn’t. Anyone could use it.

Not quite up to the security level required for international travel.

There’s still plenty we haven’t seen in the US, so we’re just traveling domestically for now. Might go overseas next year.

Here they entered our information into IPads, so presumably into some state wide system. We also got a vaccination card on paper. I wish I knew what proof would be required for the EU vaccination passport. I’m still uneasy booking anything as the rules keep changing.

The statewide systems aren’t available to foreign governments. I don’t think they are taking the paper cards as proof.

Some states have an electronic system (NY?) but it is not uniform.