Thoughts on moving in the dorms early?

Would you rather move in the day before classes or a day or two before to avoid everyone moving in at once?

Even though some students move in early due to sports and activities, I’ve always wondered why some move in days are scheduled on the day before classes instead of giving students a little more time to move in over the weekend, depending on how many students are living on campus and the size of the college…

Having students in campus housing is an expense and a responsibility for a college (need RAs, food service etc.). Unless a student is involved in a specific program that requires an early start (ex. orientation, sports, RA training etc.) I don’t think the college would want them on campus. A day or so early is OK and not unusual but in general having lots of students on campus with lots of free time may lead to trouble in some cases.

All of my kids’ move ins were several days before classes started, some up to a week. We paid $50 for early move in once to avoid the madness, plus her roommates were moving in then and it was a forced triple do they needed to figure things out.

Didn’t you already graduate?

In our state colleges, in California, our experience has been that freshman move in a week before, for all of the freshman welcome activities. The upperclassmen were given several days for move-in.

Why does it matter now? You didn’t live on-campus, and you graduated. No need for regrets.

In April 2021, you indicated you would be graduating from college in a few weeks.

I’m curious why you have now started three threads related to college housing. Is there some reason why you want this information?


Welcome back and hope you have a support network you can rely on beyond seeking social interaction on CC. Wishing you good mental health and happiness.


Having done move in at a big state school, I’m super glad for an organized staggered move in with designated time slots. Freshman year was the busiest but it was still much better than we expected. Freshman moved in a full week before classes so plenty of time to settle in and get acclimated.

Upperclassmen still living in the dorms moved in the weekend before classes and were able to pick which day/time. Not crowded at all.

The day before classes seems late, especially for Freshman year. My kids both moved in 2-3 days in advance. It gave us time to move in, see what was missing, do some shopping, and explore/get comfortable. Orientation started Tuesday evening, so driving out Saturday and moving in early Sunday worked well.

In think it was Saturday before Monday class start in subsequent years. The specific dorm/housing was new, but the campus was known, so one contingency day was enough.

Agree with @Catcherinthetoast and @thumper1.
Your post asks about dorm living because you didn’t experience it?