Thoughts on my College List

<p>I'm looking for a few more schools to add to my college list...</p>

<p>So far, it's:
Northwestern (Major Reach)
USC (Reach)
UIUC (Match/Safety?)
Indiana University (Match)
UW Madison (Match)
Illinois Wesleyan (Match)</p>

<p>IL Resident, Female.
ACT: 29, SAT: 1890
Dance Team, Vice President of Spanish NHS, NHS Member, Newspaper Editor, Freshman Leader</p>

<p>Majoring in either Journalism or English, with Psychology as a possible double major/or a minor</p>

<p>Any comments on any of these schools as well as suggestions for a few more would be great. Thanks!</p>

<p>I'm also ranked 60 out of around 430.
I'd say that's about top 14%...</p>

<p>Based on your list I guess you don't need FA? And you're looking for a more urban school?</p>

<p>Consider adding Kansas as a safety. It has a highly regarded journalism program. Consider adding Michigan as a reach/low reach.</p>

<p>I've considered Michigan.
And yes - I'm looking more urban with a college town feel.</p>

<p>I would add another safety just to be sure.
but it sounds like a good mix of colleges.</p>

<p>If you are thinking about journalism, have you considered Missouri? It would also be a safety. Direct admission to the journalism school requires a minimum 29 ACT, and you have that. Since you're from IL, you're probably aware that there are many IL students at Mizzou. Columbia is a very nice college town, and the journalism school is top-notch. For what it's worth, my S is in his third semester of English courses, and all have been excellent, in his opinion.</p>

<p>UW-Madison has two excellent student newspapers with opportunities for freshmen. We visited there, but my S reluctantly didn't apply because the journalism department didn't have what he wanted. But it would be a good place to have another major while getting active in the newspaper. You don't mention your GPA, but if it's under 3.5 Madison might be a slight reach.</p>

<p>Michigan should be on your list, though it probably would be a reach. I know a current Indiana student and a recent Illinois Wesleyan grad (English). IU has good journalism. IW is very small and quite different from all the others on your list, but people do love it there. I hear that UIUC is tough even for in-state these days.</p>

<p>You should add michigan state to your list too</p>