Thoughts on RSI

So I’ve heard many great things about RSI, but what really stands out is the relationships it builds and the actual opportunity to work one-on-one with a mentor. Does anyone have any tips for an outstanding RSI application? Also, does geographic location affect chances?

I’ve got the high standardized test scores (which is the bare minimum, of course)

I have several leadership roles in science clubs at school (ex. Science Olympiad) as well as debate and other basic clubs.

ISEF Finalist
Brain Bee State Winner (will compete in nationals)
Part of an international organization that works with students across the globe to publish scientific work for youth
USACO Semifinalist
Some LD debate awards in state
8-week Summer Internship at local university

There’s also some volunteering at hospitals and with organizations and whatnot

I’m from the midwest…thinking that will increase my chances?

Let me know!