Thoughts on the meal plans?

<p>I usually buy the 14 meal/week plan, but my son doesn't use all his dining dollars (DD$) by the end of the school year. So that's money wasted.
What plan works best for you guys?
I'm open to better options?
Any ideas how to use up remaining DD$?

<p>Hi Jasper My DD is a soph this year and we are taking her meal plan way down to the 10 per week. Last year she had a much larger one. She used to buy coffee (Caribou on campus) pretty regularly and that used up meal selections pretty well. So this year we cut it way down and I put a few hundred in Cy dollars for her just in case. And she can still get her coffee! I agree with you I hate to see money wasted.</p>

<p>You know that you can adjust the meal plan each semester too? So if you cut down on meals too much this semester you can just change it ... but there are cut off dates. Look on the website for that info.</p>

<p>Buzymom, there's no 10 meal plan, but I could step down to a 11 or 8 meal plan. The savings between a 14 and 11 meal plan is not much. Only about $29.50 per semester. Going down to a 8 meal plan would be significant, but I think I would be adding a lot more DD$, thus making it a poor choice. I guess I could step down to a 11 meal plan and save a little. Thanks.</p>

<p>14 meals/week is $1814 (includes $200 DD$) per semester
11 meals/week is $1774.50 (includes $250 DD$) per semester
8 meals/week is $1453 (includes $300 DD$) per semester</p>

<p>Ooops sorry...I did mean the 11 plan. I have 2 kids at 2 different colleges. And working on the third one's college selection now. LOL I have meal plans and housing on the brain.</p>

<p>DD had 17 meal plan...too much waste. Not a big difference between 11 & 14...most kids only eat at dining halls twice a day, plus a few times for a snack or to be social.</p>

<p>Just an update. Son moved into Freddie and decided to skip the meal plan altogether. Moved him in last Saturday and went grocery shopping. We'll see how it goes. It will be a learning experience for him.</p>