Thoughts on Uconn Stamford please - thanks

Any thoughts - pros & cons - appreciated

I don’t work for UConn so these are just my observations as a mom of a UConn Storrs grad and twins who are starting UConn in the fall. Have you toured Stamford yet? If not, it is worth the trip to learn about the branch. Both of my twins were accepted to Storrs but if not, Stamford was our fall back plan. After our tour last fall, we felt it was a very good option.

Cons: well, most kids would obviously prefer to be at Storrs for all four years so that they aren’t starting at one campus and switching to another. That’s the obvious big drawback. The other big one, in my opinion, is that the Stamford campus is an urban setting vs. the rural setting of Storrs, However, that’s actually an advantage for some kids that dislike feeling that Storrs is an isolated rural environment (it is).

Pros: there are lots, I think, that kids can easily overlook. Here are the biggest ones in my opinion:
– brand new beautiful dorm with modern up to date facilities that are across the street from the classroom building. (Some if not most of the underclass dorms at UConn are very old, small and can be quite far from your classes)
– easy commuter access by train with bus transportation provided by UConn to campus if you are commuting
– really nice, modern, up to date classroom facilities
– jobs and internships (lots) – both in the city of Stamford and NYC
– smaller classes with professors that know you and can give you more individual attention
– ability to transfer to the main campus after doing well at Stamford

One girl we knew from my older son’s class who was deferred to Stamford was initially crushed and now says it was the best thing that could have happened to her. Why? Because she was a good student but not necessarily completely ready for the challenge and rigor of the main campus. During her two years at Stamford, she shined academically in a smaller, less overwhelming environment and left Stamford with a 4.0 cum. Her final two years at Storrs in a more challenging environment with upper level, harder classes, she still did well (over the 3.0+ range) but the edge she got at Stamford allowed her to graduate from UConn with an overall 3.6+ cum and land a great job. She doesn’t believe her cum would have been so high if she had started out as a freshman at Storrs.

I realize that Stamford is a hard pill initially for some to swallow, but there are benefits to not being in huge lecture halls with multiple hundreds of other kids, and being able to get acclimated to the college experience in a smaller environment.

These are just my thoughts, hope this helps. Good luck in your college search and decision - it’s an exciting time!

don’t think you could have provide a better response -thanks!!!