Thoughts on Uni of San Francisco?

Hi everyone! I am currently a Junior and I am thinking about applying to the University of San Francisco! I’ll be majoring in politics and will be pre-law so cost is a major factor for me. However, I do like that I can finish my BA in 3 years and get direct admission to their law school. Are their merit scholarships large? Could I get a good scholarship? How is the student body/social scene like?

Another concern for me is that I live 30 minutes away from the university so being close to home isn’t ideal for me but if I get good scholarships I will highly consider the school. Any thoughts?

Here are my stats:

-GPA: 4.3 weighted as of now
-I have not taken the ACT yet but I will in April
-All the APs taken (including senior year): AP European History, APUSH, AP English Language, AP Spanish Language, AP Gov, AP Microeconomics, AP Environmental Science, & other honors classes

-Founder of a student organization focused on empowering and educating young women interested in politics
-National Honors Society
-National Project Director for a National Activist Society
-My school’s Model UN logistics officer
-Apart of my town’s philanthropy program where I created my own service project
-Tutor for middle schoolers
-internship with my local congressman
-political researcher for my county’s democratic party
-barista for 2 years

Wow! You have an amazing profile. I think you would definitely qualify for a huge scholarship (maybe even a full-tuition waiver) since I am an international with a profile that’s not as amazing as yours and the University Admissions person informally guaranteed a 50% tuition waiver to me.
I didn’t apply eventually, but one of my friends got the 50% tuition-waiver, so I’m pretty sure you would get something better.
Good Luck!