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Another thing should have mentioned, since you have a 36 composite, hopefully you also have a 36 on the science section, which may compensate for the physics grade in lieu of SAT subject test. Provided a given program folks look into all such details and don’t blindly follow some filtering criteria.

ACT Science doesn’t test students for their knowledge of science. It is just a reading comprehension test where science-based paragraphs are provided.

SAT subject tests and AP exams would cover science material. The College board stopped offering SAT subject tests. Since SAT subject tests are no longer being offered, kids would have to take corresponding AP courses to show colleges their knowledge in science.

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Yes of course. That was the very first question posed in response to the student’s initial query, about AP test. But s/he hasn’t yet read the post or chose not to respond. Without that feedback and assuming lack of any such tests being taken, the suggestion is that the ACT science section may provide some kind of reprieve (again, as mentioned, if a given program folks actually look into details before filtering based solely on one or two criteria).

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It may not be practical to be able to raise the overall uw gpa in first semester/marking period of senior year, if not impossible. Considering how much effort and time the college application process takes away., with the deadlines right around that time frame. Recall child getting first B in HS (for that semester) in AP Physics of the senior year for the same reason (of course the teacher was crazy also, but pulled it up to A- by year end).

But again, who knows, if a lot of students in a given class/HS suffer senioritis and the grading is relative and teachers are considerate about what the class is going through in terms of apps load, one may flourish despite the drain and strain of the college apps process. But better not count on it.

Read all the folks answers… very good points in each one of them.

IMO… based on my students lists/data over time…

  1. ACT 36 is a savior for you in this case (that too if u have 36 in Science… ur covered)

You didn’t say if it’s just one AP you have B+… if so it’s understandable…

If it’s a trend… then i would suggest to take/compensate with other APs.

Without knowing location and other metrics tough to say the odds… but apply broadly and prepare the essays diligently (which may compensate for your GPA) , other experiences/extracurricular activities and I believe you got a good shot…

Good luck

Just curious what would you guys say is THE best bs/md? Considering all things (UG strength, Med School strength, program length, etc). If you could attend one single BS/MD with all costs being the same, which would you choose?

Not quite sure what is the intent behind your questioning. As others may have previously stated, medical school doesn’t matter as much as medical student (his/her interest, drive, motivation etc). I have personally known many recent medical graduates (past decade or so) who have done extremely well both going regular route to their local state med schools or the BS/MD route.

If you are really looking for the wow factor, then you should aim only for “T2” medical schools, either Stanford or Harvard. All others don’t make lot much difference from your state medical school as long as you stay motivated to becoming the best possible physician.

But realize that making it to these 2 medical schools may involve multiple application cycles, gap years and no guarantee you will do extremely well once in, because of the competition within those schools from the caliber of student bodies they are comprised of.

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In a lighter vein tho a very correct analogy:

If you can tell me which is THE VERY best restaurant in NYC I can tell you THE best BS/MD program there is. Price does not matter. I can pay any amount for any dish lol Also if you dont know restaurants in NYC, you can tell me THE BEST restaurant in your state. Pls mention which state it is!
OR Which is THE BEST job one should go for?

OR Which is THE BEST travel destination in the world?

If you cannot answer any of these questions without any more information from me I am sorry I cannot answer your question without any further information from you :wink: And if you do answer make sure it has to be ageeed by everyone otherwise that answer will be deemed incorrect :wink:

I hope you get the point. There is NO ANSWER to your question


it was just a playful question sorry i didn’t mean for it to come across that way


I suggest new posters to move to this year’s thread:

The best BS/MD is the one where you thrive, where you feel at home, where you have made friends, and where you look forward to going every day!

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Give your best shot with an open mind and realistic expectations that some programs will find candidates with higher GPAs and equivalent ECs and decide to call them for an interview.
But I think you may be able to survive one B+.

If you are a current senior matriculating into college this Fall, I suggest you take a clean break.
Spend time with family and friends and create memories that will help you in college and beyond.

@texaspg @skieurope

Can we close this thread and ask all posters to post on the 2022-23 BS/MD/DO thread?

I saw your clarification that it’s a playful question…

The best BSMD is the ONE where you get admitted into with your needs… it’s like a relationship/date/marriage…not everyone will be happy with Person X or Person Y but someone else may be happy with them.

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The midyear report lists senior-year grades for college applicants. School counselors fill out the midyear report and include recommendations. Colleges use midyear reports to help make admission decisions. Not all colleges ask for a midyear report — check to see if your target schools do.
Some were able to get in to BSMD programs having GPA <3.9, you can see their profiles in the last and previous years’ BSMD results threads. Good luck.

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Closing this thread so people continuing to ask questions can move to the new thread.

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