Thread for BS/MD BS/DO 2021-2022

@happyFlamingo … I second congratulations to your D on her achievement.

Glad she got in…

Yes it’s very tough to crack but all she needs is 1 :slight_smile: and she got in.

Good luck


Thank you, @happyFlamingo, for sharing your daughter’s stats and perspectives in the RESULTS thread.
I am very happy about her success. Both her and your hard work paid off.

As you mentioned, every student is different, and a strategy that works for the student is the best strategy.

Wishing her the very best at UCinn.

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Congratulations to your family on the acceptance. As you said though your child did not have as much clinical exposure as desired, having a publication is no small thing either. That may have helped her stand out amongst many applicants with similar or better stats and credentials.

Agree, it is torturous to go through having to write up many essays, but one can always choose to apply to programs that spread out in timelines. Though most of BS/MDs have deadlines around Nov 15 there are few which extend all the way to late Feb I believe. Think Stony brook to which you applied is one of them. FAU and OU are couple of others I can think of and there may be few more for sure. So feel one can and should try to apply to as many as possible, especially the late deadlines ones, so they can apply in peace having finished with majority of other paperwork, both for traditional and BS/MD by Jan 1 st week.

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My son got acceptance to RPI/AMC program (from waiting list) just now and thinking about it. Are there any students who are going there this year and still looking for roommate? If so please IM me. We would like to get in touch. Thank you.


@seemasp - Congratulations to your son and the proud parents on his admission to RPI/AMC :clap: Wish him the very best!

@cmcvd - Congratulations on multiple admissions to BSMD programs and on your decision to join Stony Brook bsmd with 10K/yr scholarship. Wish you the very best!

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@cmcvd - Thank you for sharing your stats and perspectives in the RESULTS thread.
Congratulations on Stony Brook.
Wishing you the very best.


If possible, please share his stats and perspectives in the RESULTS thread.

Congratulations, RPI/AMC is awesome, he doesn’t have to board with fellow BS/MD folks necessarily. So don’t stress over that. In fact better to share with folks from different backgrounds so one can have a wider perspective while still enjoying the natural bonding with the BS/MD cohort.

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Congrats on your Son acceptance…

BTW, many colleges/kids have Insta/FB so your son can find his fellow mates…

I would not sweat over roomates and he can room with other curriculum folks too.

Good luck

@cmcvd congrats on admission to Stony Brook.

I concur 1000% with your statement…

Pick the best fit school for you and not the BEST top ranked school… that’s what i quote too

In the end … kid/student is the one who is going to spend 8+ years … and not me :slight_smile: LOL

Hey I am a senior in high school & I will be doing traditional pre med. What summer pre med related activities can i do in the summer before my freshman year in college?

You shouldn’t bother this early and relax this summer and do whatever you love to do. Once the traditional route starts you will any way get into the grind of doing something or the other every summer. So this is your best and last chance to relax, have fun, unwind and get ready for the road ahead.

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I suggest you spend time with your family and friends and create beautiful memories before college.
The summer after senior year in high school should be a time to relax and have fun.

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off topic, but-

Why do these BS/MD programs exist at all? I am a practicing physician in a teaching hospital and there is no way I would want my trainees accepted to medical school as high school students, without seeing how they perform in the rigors of college and on the MCAT. And if I was a patient I would prefer my doctor got accepted to medical school because he or she demonstrated certain qualities as an adult in college, not as a teenager in high school. This whole BS/MD system seems blatantly unfair to me. I’m just not that impressed by a spectacular high school student. they are a dime a dozen these days.

What makes you think these BSMD kids do not have achievements in their undergrad?
Or do not have stellar MCAT scores?

Also, I am aware of at least 1 study done on the quality of BS/MD vs. traditional MDs, and that study found no difference in the quality of both.

Also, outside of North America, most physicians in Europe and Asia become doctors after their 12th grade (and get admitted based on their teen experiences).

It appears you have a bias versus looking at doctors as individuals with an open mind.
Also, it seems you have less faith in the US medical education plus residency process, which all students have to go through before practicing as a physician.

I hope you do not let your biases come in when you train medical students - I would be concerned about getting trained under you if you discriminate against students based on where they did their undergrad.


all fair points. I suspect these BS/MD students do just fine in their careers. I am more really more concerned with the other pre-meds, who aren’t doing the BS-MD path because they weren’t sure at age 17 that they were headed to med school. It just seems unfair how much harder they will have to work to get in. I was under the impression (wrong, perhaps) that the BS/MD students didn’t have to take the MCAT.

Most students in a particular batch of accelerated program (7 years) that happened to know of, scored between 95-100% ile on the MCAT (the requirement of the program was a rather modest 80% ile). And most took it right after sophomore year since it is an accelerated program. At least 2 reasons may be attributed to this, firstly these kids are all bright to have made the cut to the program and secondly the rigor of the undergrad curriculum of the program made them work even harder.

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alright, I’m convinced. maybe these programs aren’t so evil. I just feel bad for the traditional pre-meds who have so much stress involved in trying to get into medical school, between needing a high GPA, high MCAT score, hours of research/volunteer/shadowing…and still not guaranteed to get in. It’s a tough road for them.

Even the programs that don’t have the MCAT requirement aren’t evil per se, like for example the RPI/AMC physician scientist which only has GPA and research requirements, is a well respected one. And nothing is stopping any one in that program from taking the MCAT and assess if they want to continue with the program or go with other options (by the way in the other program mentioned earlier, every one in that batch continued on to matriculate to the med school there itself and doing well)

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