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Questions you should think about for medical school selection



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A discussion on pros and cons of combined vs traditional route



Thread for BS/MD BS/DO 2021-2022 - Pre-Med & Medical School / Multiple Degree Programs - College Confidential Forums

Read this first (and other years too) that answers many of the basic questions…

Also read the results thread of 2021 and other years too

Good luck for next year

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My D23 wants to go to Medical school. I recently stumbled on CC and read the possibility of applying through BSMD route. I hope to get valuable advices when the application process starts in a couple of months.

ORM- UW 3.92, UW-4.5
Got 2 B+’s so far
School doesn’t rank but she might be just outside top5 percent

ACT- not taken

AP’s-(12 in total )
AP Chem-5
AP Comp sci-5
AP WorldHistory-4
AP Psych- Exam was this week
AP Macro- Exam was this week
AP Micro- Exam was this week
AP Bio- Exam next week
AP Calc BC- Exam next week

Planning to take in Senior year-
AP Physics C
AP Gov
AP Statics
AP French

Independent STEM research in lab at school in Jr year, which resulted in a State Award
Science Olympiad- State level
Math Olympiad -qualified for State
Badminton Varsity player
Marketing Manager for a local food packing group
Camp counselor for PALS( involved with kids with challenges)
Patient Volunteer at local hospital(4hrs/week)
Marketplace seller of digital art (over 125 designs and 3000+ sales)

Planning to shadow a Dr in summer.

State science fair- best in a category
AP Scholar
Presidents Volunteer Award -Gold
County Sheriff’s Volunteer Award
National Merit commended scholar

Lingering question at this moment is whether SAT 1560 will make the cut for the first level of filters? Or should D take an ACT in summer?

Let her do the best on both AP Bio and Calc B. If she gets 5 s on then, hopefully they will compensate for the gpa and 1560 since these BS/MD programs are intended to be holistic in their selection process (at least that’s what they claim to be). So good AP scores (5s) demonstrate the candidate’s grasp on the subject and proves to the that s/he has a rigorous background and 1560 shouldn’t bother you.

Unless she manages to get a 36 on ACT may not be a big difference over the 1560. However it doesn’t hurt her to take some practice tests in spare time and see how she scores and if it is in 35 ish range, can go for a real test targeting a 36.

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Even if your D gets a 35 in the ACT, that’s still only equivalent to the 1560. Consider the amount of time that needs to be put into getting a perfect 36 score on the ACT. Compare that with any other ECs that she can work on during those same hours spent or working on the essays in the summer instead.

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Your kid has good profile… and has good shot…

But to be objective (and real) but as you are an ORM and if your kid is willing to take ACT to make it to 36 it gives much better.

Though Score alone doesn’t guarantee (you can see from last year thread lots of 36 didn’t get interview/rejected) but it gives better shot.

I personally feel 1560 is good but since there is still a year it won’t hurt (if your kid is willing)

GPA is kind of less but like @rk2017 suggested… if she gets 5 it’s better.

Again read this year (and years prior) threads… tons of info

Good luck

(Edited : Lots of others stuffs like location, which colleges, passion, fit based on profile, race and $$$ matters , I have mentioned few and so did others go thru them … hopefully it helps)

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Have been a regular to this forum. Have a question on any quota exists for the out of state / out of regional students at the following public school BS/MD programs and if any one knows that number. For example, UMKC is between 60 to 70 for inside, 20 to 30 of regional and rest for the others,

  1. U Pitt
  2. UAB

Well, I would say some kids find it easier to score on ACT vs SAT and vice-versa. Have known a parent who confided that their child (not BS/MD bound) was easily scoring 35s and 36s in practice tests even as his/her academic credentials weren’t stellar (like good number of B+s in a large and competitive school). So no harm in trying to take like 3-4 practice tests and assess one’s comfort level. This student in reference went for a good program in finance for undergrad because of good ACT and despite not so stellar academic track record.

Not publicly available (to my knowledge)

I believe UAB has more Alabama or SEC preference.

But PITT - more chances for Tri state (NJ, NY, PA) IMO. One of my students got in with almost similar stats than OOS (who was not even interviewed)

Thats why I say lots of stuffs goes to selection (and score alone doesn’t make/break)

Good luck.

Does applying to brown PLME reduce the chances of Brown undergrad admission? Is there a thread where we know how many who applied to BROWN PLME were accepted to undergrad, especially in ED?

Thank you!

Hello @Parentof2Ds - Thanks for sharing your stats. Competition among ORMs is very cut-throat and usually, kids will have straight A’s and 1580+ on SAT or 36 on the ACT. They will also have medically related experience including shadowing, volunteering, and research on top of a lot of generic ECs and awards.

For example - One of the BSMD programs published that their entire class average for SAT was 1580 and ACT was 36!

Your daughter has a good profile but the competition is also high, so she could improve her profile a little more!
Your D should try to improve her SAT by taking the test once more. She could do a few practice tests on her own and try the test again. She should also obtain more medically related ECs during the summer - both volunteering and shadowing.

She should also start on her essays early in the summer and spend time perfecting them. The amount of time and effort will help her shine.

Good Luck! hope to hear more from you as the season progresses!


If you apply to Brown PLME Early Decision, it will show Brown that they are your first choice. ED means that Brown may offer Brown UG or Brown PLME or defer you to RD round or even decline admission. But, if they offer admission, you would need to commit/enroll.

Regarding “how many students”, you could directly ask the Brown UG admission.

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So true as @Vicky2019 said. But one need not lose hopes based on stats alone.

Couple of cycles ago a parent was sharing agony on private messages with myself as to how their child with a 1580 and 4.0 wouldn’t get any interviews, let alone acceptances. Big reason, the valedictorian of their high school with similar stats and higher gpa (weighted) and perhaps even more ECs and wonderful essays was also applying to the same BS/MD set of programs. Generally they cap the number of students interviewed from a given high school as also with the acceptances given to a particular school. Finally when they were about to give up hopes they got an acceptance (won’t share the details here respectful of their privacy, but if interested private message me).

On the other hand we have also seen good number of acceptances in the results threads even without such stellar stats. So important thing is to keep a positive outlook and put in best efforts since so many factors are at play and beyond one’s control or imagination.

Thanks @Vicky2019 . I heard from another parent that applying to PLME reduces chances to undergrad as they are held at higher standards…

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Thank you! @Vicky2019 @Rali_Jan @rk2017 @JD2024
She has an ACT exam planned in June. Hope she betters her score. I will keep you all updated.


I feel this would be true if they were applying for PLME RD - the majority of the PLME class gets admitted in ED itself. The competition becomes higher for RD PLME. They can then choose only students with unique ECs or accomplishments, etc. since they would be trying to come up with the perfect/diverse PLME class.

IN the ED cycle, Brown is able to give only UG admission to kids applying to PLME since it is equally binding. A couple of my friends’ kids got into Brown UG after applying to PLME in ED round!

Usually, the kids applying to PLME RD expect to be admitted into one of the other BSMDs and are unwilling to join Brown UG without PLME. Their profile would normally be very competitive when compared to regular Brown UG admits (both with higher stats and ECs including medical ECs)

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