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In Brown PLME page, it is mentioned that Student can apply to PLME Early decision or Regular decision.
Does this mean if the student applies to PLME ED and gets admitted to undergrad only but no PLME, is the student bound to join ?

You are bound to join Brown undergrad and withdraw from all other applications.


If you do ED… you have to withdraw from others as you are binded.
So do Regular …

As far as other thread 35 is good score so you should report… even last year (and before due to COVID) many schools for BSMD program did ask you report ACT/SAT (or explain why you weren’t) and this year I am sure with “not that much COVID restrictions” they “may expect” you to report scores. JMHO

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Yes, the student is bound to join Brown in this case. "Those who apply early decision and are admitted to the College and not to PLME will be reconsidered for the PLME during regular decision” - Per Brown.

This is interesting. Does this mean Brown would give priority consideration to those who are accepted ED for PLME during over the RD crowd? Otherwise, it would not make sense to reconsider someone who Brown already deemed not suited for PLME in ED again during RD. If I’m not mistaken, no other program does this.

Brown makes offers to about 20 PLME students in ED and about 65-70 in RD.
If you are selected for Brown undergrad but not PLME in ED, they defer you for PLME and review you again in the regular decision (RD). It is very rare for someone deferred to get an offer in RD.


When does one get the UPitt medicine supplement application? Is it after the application is processed and accepted for their UG program?

Here is UPitt GAP process. Hope this helps.

@cheer2021 : Thank you. I was looking at the link below and which says:

“Once your application is processed, if you selected “Medicine” on your application for admission, you will receive an email within about 48-72 hours that will prompt you to complete a supplemental application for the guarantee. This application requires a response to two short answer questions.”

Does this mean after the UG application is reviewed/accepted?

IMO, this means after the UG application is processed by UPitt.


Yes first UG then “few will be selected to apply … kind of like 2nd stage” out of which “few will be selected”

I know there are a lot of very experienced people in this thread, so I thought I would ask!
What is post-interview acceptance rate to LECOM EAP? They do not officially share any statistics, but maybe somebody here knows?

@Rali_Jan : Thank you. The process is confusing as some applicants have received supplement Medicine GAP applications within 3 days of UG application submission as stated in their timeline but some are still waiting.

Do they let those who are not invited know that their applications have been processed but they are not invited to apply?

I am not sure. As far as I understand everyone will need to submit supplements before Nov 1st and then they start the process of letting people know if they are selected to continue in the process by mid-Dec.

It is after you submit the application and if you meet the minimum GPA/SAT score criteria, you will get it within 2-3 days.
Nearly all of my students have received it within 3 days of their application.


Pitt GAP
To receive the supplement, you do not have to be admitted to Pitt grad.

If they forward your application to Medical School, it implies that they also admitted you to their undergrad.

Pitt-GAP last year stats:
~ 4000 applied; ~1700 met their requirements/ received supplements; ~400 forwarded to medical school; ~50 selected for interview; ~15 offers

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Here is an interesting post stating about 450 were invited to apply (met reqs/received supplements) for GAP back in 2015. Compared to last year’s number 1700, that is nearly 4X more applicants the last year.

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The process is a little different now.
Earlier in the 2015 era, you only got a supplement after a few weeks - anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.
Now, you get it in 3 days.

My guess is that there was a more detailed evaluation at that time on whom to send a supplement.


@NoviceDad I believe we both are conveying same thing.

I am saying UG needs to be processed … and you are saying it’s implied admission (either way UG should be first)… Agree with you.

Few of my students didn’t get “supplement last year” (though they exceeded the requirement) … though they were offered at "later stage " on UG admission alone… that’s why i said it’s “2 stage” process…and NOT everyone get supplement.
Why … no idea :slight_smile: (maybe location, diversity etc.,)

@privatems hope that clarifies too… you may NOT get an UG admission letter for supplement but it’s a 2 stage process.

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