Thread for BSMD 2020-2021 Applicants (Part 1)

Did you have any stats to backup this statement you keep making? No one gets 100% percentile without any prep. So every ones gets 4.0, 100% MCAT and does cutting edge research and save one year in these programs?

Its a marketing myth, only photogenic memory kids can do that.

General post and not in reference to any one in particular or specific post.

At this time of the year for this cycle, just apply and wait until all your cards are known and decide by April/May. Just enjoy the holidays and focus on HS remaining work and don’t get anxiety about BS/MD interviews and outcomes. Have trust in you irrespective of the outcome of BS/MD.

Don’t decide school x because there is no MCAT or score needed is just 500. MCAT is another exam in the long career of Medicine. Also if a student struggles to get 500, it may be extraordinary struggle to pass courses during MD. Just because GPA requirement is 3.65 don’t chase school which does not have any GPA requirement. Just because some thing you got impressed during shadow, whether it is surgery or ER or Ped or Derm may not end in your choice when the time comes during residency app cycle.
Wait until you do the 6 months anatomy and see if you like to stand in the lab for hours and see if surgery still your choice. Complete some courses on GI or Neuro or Derm or Ob/GYN and see how your mind changes and enables to decide what to pursue. Wait for rotation and see how and what you like.

MD is just 2-1 year of study. It is fire hose in your mouth. So if you can not handle UG and want to avoid every thing MCAT, GPA, no research and no EC that is the not preparing you for the rigor of MD studies and also the career. Certainly student matures and gains the experience to handle MD after transitioning from HS to UG and to MD.


Not a big deal at all to score 99-100% ile in MCAT. Most of kids in these programs, especially the rigorous ones, have 100% iles in 2 of the 3 categories, physical, biological and psychology. So if someone does well on the reading section, it is a smooth walk in the park to overall 99-100% ile even if they don’t score 100 in every section. There is a leeway to still miss 5 or 6 points overall and still achieving that.

Most of the kids in liberal arts focused programs are already well read in multitude of subjects ranging from history, psychology, philosophy, classics … Also they have had strong foundations from their SAT/ACT days. Some of these love to read on their own, which is their natural strength. So 100% ile in MCAT in 2 years of undergrad without much preparation is neither genius nor impossible. Have known multiple students doing that.

Just to quantify 99 percentile is about ~500 students out of traditional route ~50K applicants. Know plenty of BS/MD students who don’t achieve 515 MCAT, aka 92 percentile, it doesn’t mean that is norm just like few achieved 99 percentile.

Multiple out of how many students over how many years? Is this same myth as multiple Ivy league students not getting any MD admissions after one or more gap years? I also know one student from 2017 cycle BSMD student who got 99 percentile but she did some prep since her program has a 515 or so minimum.

Nothing is impossible including getting MD admission thru traditional path (without stressing out) but you keep painting dire situation for it and rosy picture for BSMD. I have no issues with either track but as seniors we should be giving balanced opinions in these threads than claiming BSMD students are killing it across the board.

As @PPofEngrDr pointed around 500 students only get 100% percentile each year. I know it does take some prep and practice to get it.

I also created a thread 3 years back for people to give honest feedback and few participated (including you for some time).

I encourage all the parents and students from past cycles to give their individual experiences there than anecdotal stuff here.

Good reminder to post there and just did for my son. It would help the community to see same from active members.


I posted an update on my older daughter too. She joined bsmd 2017, 3+4 program, and is in first year medical school now.

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How do you pay the $65 application fee for the Upstate supplemental?

I posted this in another channel as well. Wondering what folks think here. Heard this from my DD who is class of 2024 at NJMS as advice to her younger sis who is applying to BSMD programs this cycle.

USMLE step 1 is becoming pass/fail from class of 2024 at the latest. This would place heavier emphasis on the medical school for residency selection, and hence make most bsmd programs a worse choice than earlier for motivated students that are interested in specialist or top residencies and used to get those by scoring high on USMLE S1. Now, they likely don’t stand a good chance if they go to a not-so-highly-rated medical school. Something to consider before deciding on bsmd.

Yes for top program speciality matching
Steps scores won’t be a available but there will be other ways as shortage of doctors in regional areas may help

NJMS has a good match list will this change after 2024.? Who knows as most BS MD programs are not ranked high on residency director rankings and step scores helped a lot

If someone wants to match local BS MD should be fine but in case you want to go west coast from eat or Midwest low tier med schools in top speciality it will be difficult unless you opt for general medicine

Step 1 Pass/Fail was discussed extensively in last year’s thread.
If you search under my handle or the handles of some of the senior members of the group, you should be able to find it.

Long story short -
With students typically applying to 80+ residencies programs, program directors will need some common “objective” criteria to compare. There is a view that Step 2 may replace Step 1 as the “objective” criteria in evaluation.

Also note - there are 150+ medical schools in USA. Outside of the “Top 20” schools, there are 130+ schools. Majority of doctors will be coming out of the 130+ schools. And most of these schools have residency slots for multiple specialties.

@srk2017, @rk2017, @PPofEngrDr

We know the following facts as published by respective medical schools:
UPenn: 24% of students every year do not get into any medical schools
Vanderbilt: In the past 3 years, students from Vanderbilt got admitted to 144 medical schools.
John Hopkins: >75% of students who apply to medical schools have >=1 gap year.

AMC: @undecided3494 shared earlier that many top school undergrad have joined AMC after 2-3 gap years.
Geisinger: An upcoming unranked medical school routinely attracts students from Ivy league undergrads. At one time about 5 -6 years ago, they took 15+ students from UPenn.

We also know that most medical schools typically take 15-30% form their home undergrads and then take 1-3 kids from 50+ undergrads to get their class filled.

The point I am trying to make is data is spread all over the place.
There are outliers in every path.

The myth “I am an Ivy league student therefore I will get into an Ivy league medical school” is broken more times than I can imagine.

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Add to that, few PDs are already come out and stated their programs will focus on Step 2 more.
In that sense, UG rigor helps a lot and step 1 will be looked favorable to prestige.
Bottom line, top 10% of everything has no problem which route they pick, it always boils down to bottom 20%, whether corporate or education.

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Agree one shouldn’t pick Ivy school based on that perception.

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“I am an Ivy league student therefore I will get into an Ivy league medical school” is a delusion not a myth and no one ever advocated for that in these threads last few years.

To come here to say that BSMD candidates at BU are getting 99th or 100th percentile in MCAT with no prep and they are collectively outperforming traditional candidates at BU medical school is preposterous and that’s the reason I chose to respond, otherwise I am not participating much lately.

Yes, everyone is aware of the stats for medical school admissions and I always said you or (your kid) should know your strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly. No point in constantly giving false info to the newbies here and try to steer them into BSMD since one’s child chose BSMD for whatever reasons.

I don’t come here to brag about my kid or advocate for one path since I gain nothing by that.

I agree Ivy League medical school admissions are not assured for their students and in out Case this is. T1 medical school and it is more fierce competition and we have no scholarship

Ivy league medical school admissions are gurantteed not assured for BS/MD students, as traditional is the only available route for those schools. Brown is only exception as UG, but its medical school is not top 20.

Agree brown medical school has no match to its undergrad and locking in 8 year program with PLME with ED a was not a option for us. with that more with one ED top Ivy acceptance in our hand we feel it was a right decision again it’s all what comes our way till April as end goal for Kid is 100 percent medicine

Is it ED or EA Ivy acceptance for your kid?